Photo Blog | Bacolod Cosplay Trip!

by - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello! Now that the haze in my head has cleared up, allow me to blog about my trip to Bacolod with my friends~! We were taken in by High Sierra to help promote their current brand campaign, which means we get to cosplay and tote around their really cool bags and get paid! XDD


We were up as early as 3AM so we could make it to our morning flight, and we almost missed it! Good thing our driver took some shortcuts and we made it just in time~ *phew*

Flying Cebu Pacific~!

Sleepy and excited lol

I'm not too sure but I think this is Kenso's first plane ride, so he's a little jittery even if he doesn't want to admit it, hahaha!

It's really no big deal - this is my first plane ride too! *purrs*

Plane shenanigans. XD
What an amazing view! Kenso and I switched places mid-flight so he can have the window seat. The flight only took 1hr and 20mins so we didn't get to do much in the plane but catch up on sleep. 

In the bus, on our way to the hotel!
L-R: RB, Ms. Mau, and Belle

Group shot!
We had some time to kill before we can check in so we decided to roam around first and get something to eat. We ended up in SM Bacolod (because why not) and had some really good chicken inasal! No pics because we ate it all up before we could even take a picture, boo! *pouts*

We got back just in time for us to check in, and right after we put our bags away we were too eager to check out their swimming pool~




Since it was such a nice cool day, we got some booze out and had a few drinks before we called it a night. It was such a great experience and I'm really happy we had this opportunity!

The next day we were up early again to prepare for the campaign promotion. I didn't get to take much pictures because we were walking around the whole day, but it was fun nonetheless! Here are some shots we were able to take when it all died down and we got some breathing space before we changed back into our civilian clothes: 


See, just two shots!! :( We cosplayed Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, me as the human form and Kenso as his Fox Demon form. 

Finally, it's time to go back to reality and come home to Manila. We're obviously not too happy about it! We had a really light dinner in McDonald's before we headed back to the airport for our flight that same day.

Waiting to board
It was such a fun experience and we're all really happy and grateful that we were able to take part in High Sierra's campaign! Thank you for the opportunity and the sponsorship!

Last pic before we take off!
We got back a little after 9PM, parted ways at the airport, and we took a cab home. My trip to Bacolod was short and sweet but that just means I'll have to come back and experience more of the lovely city~ Until next time, Bacolod!

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