Quick Post: Moving!

by - Friday, June 24, 2011

It's been a long time since I used a proper blogging site to spill words in. Unfortunately I forgot the username of my old Blogspot account, so I was forced to make a new one. This will officially serve as my more personal blog as opposed to my Tumblr, which is brimming with reblogs and reposts. My original posts could hardly be seen or noticed.

Anyway, I'll start this off with the news that we're finally moving to a different house by the first week of July. I don't know. I don't want to call it a new house because it's actually an old ancestral home that belonged to our neighbor who happened to be moving to the States and wanted to get rid of it before they leave our country for good. So to me it's kind of oxymoronic to call an ancestral home a new house. I don't know. What's funny is that this house is no more or no less than a hundred steps from where I am now. LMAO it's like we never even left! The only thing that will change is my route to school - I'll have to walk a little more distance to get a ride. Other than that, I'm more than eager to welcome the new changes: bigger rooms for me and my little sister to customize! We have already picked out a color of paint for the walls. We'll also have a front yard for a change, which will be quite an improvement because the last four houses we moved to never had yards and only had little space for anything we have. They were so tiny! So at least with the new(?) house, we can keep the car inside the garage and still have room for our pet dog AND a really small hut LOL.

So there, we're expecting the renovations to be finished within the end of next week so we can make preparations to move our stuff. Cheers~

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  1. Хороший блог. Больше мощности.

  2. Ashley gawa ka nalang additional tumblr para same dashboard then you can choose naman where you wanna post it eh. May reblog tumblr and personal tumblr din ako eh :) hirap kasi mag follow sa blogger unless naka bloglovin :)

  3. @Patsy:
    Yup! Will work on that soon! :D Nahirapan kasi ako sa pag-customize sa Tumblr lelz :))