Quick Post: Almost complete

by - Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here's me blogging FINALLY in my room.
Pardon the haggard look on my face - I just got home after walking through the strong rain and chilly wind after attending the Tournament of the Champions held at SM Annex earlier today. I was supposed to cosplay Lenalee Lee of D.gray-man, but in the end I had to leave my costume at home for personal reasons. Maybe next time, Lenalee. 

Kenso, on the other hand, cosplayed Shun Ukiya of Gatekeepers. This actually made us realize that our generation is somewhat dwindling (for lack of a better term). Virtually no one recognized who he was, except for our friends (who are roughly around the same age as Kenso and I) and one other passerby who was kind enough to take a picture with him. It saddened me how such great animes like Gatekeepers could be overtaken by other shows, regardless if they are new. I guess I just miss the old days.

Pics of the event later, I'm waiting for Kenso to finish uploading the rest of the pictures. Ja!

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