August Update: Sneak

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surprised? Yeah, so am I. I just stopped by a shop because I'm already an hour late for school so I decided to just wait for 12.30 so I can head off to my next class.

I often wonder how I course through life with this attitude I have. I feel like I'm the worst person in the world to even have such great parents, great friends and an awesome boyfriend - and I even had the gall to feel depressed. I don't even know why LOL. I didn't find anyone to talk to but I somehow managed to not care again. Whatever.

We're now living in the new house for at least a month (and still no internet) and so far everything's going okay. They had to stop the construction because mom didn't like their work or something and she wants to look for new people again. But that's okay. Dad's leaving for the Middle East again sometime next week, smack in the middle of my midterms so I won't be able to come with them to the airport to send him off. Drat.

About 20 days after my last post, it is safe to say that I have done nothing productive ever since. Oh, except on the first week I went to Cavite to join  my group Dexterity Collective for our first anniversary shoot. Our concept was Born this Way, something they've been brewing for a long time and I was so happy to have been a part of the shoot ^______^ Here's a bit of my favorite shots:

 Shot by Franz Gatchalian.

There were six models - three boys and three girls. Won't be posting their shots because I don't know if it's okay that I do LOL. Please visit our main website here for more shots of this shoot and our other past shoots. :)

Then last Saturday Kenso and I went to the Philippine Normal University for their annual Tanabata Festival. The last time they held that event we were both there but didn't cross paths because we both kept moving around mingling with the other attendees. He wasn't my boyfriend yet back then LOL. This year not much people attended but we did get to see some of our friends. We got there late because I had classes and he had to bake some cookies we were supposed to sell on that event. They didn't come out right, though, no matter what we did so we just gave them away XD.He cosplayed Neji from Naruto~ 

Nica, Kenso, Maddie, Jameer, Joanna and Kim at the end of the event.

Then there's me stuck in my school uniform because I left parts of my costume at home.

We went to Robinson's right after the event to get something to eat and play at the arcade because that's what cosplayers do! LOL except I never hung out at arcades and I can't play shit besides those shooting games. Spell loser? Haha.We stopped by McDonald's before entering the mall, though. Had to eat, too hungry for words. I couldn't stop laughing at Markee and his jokes! It was probably the first time I've ever laughed that hard in a while~ 

We hung out at the arcade for a few hours and played a few games. It was then that I noticed that that coin-dropping-jackpot-machine thing had some tickets dangling from its slot. I took the tickets, and then the machine made some sort of jingle and out came more tickets! I took those too and after a few minutes more tickets came spewing out! When Kenso and the others noticed what I was doing they all wanted in and we spent a few bucks dropping one-peso coins to see who could make the tokens fall using the least coins LOLz. It was pretty fun and by the end of the night we all accumulated about 305 tickets which we traded in for lollipops and pencils so we could all share the prizes evenly :D 

Us, brandishing the ChupaChups we all won from the coin-toss thingy.
L-R: Nica, Jameer, Joanna, Markee, Maddie and me.

That's it for now, I guess. More stories soon, including one where I almost waved a cleaver and a butcher's knife at some people because they were trespassing on our property. :D I hope that phone company would install our internet soon. Ja!

PS: I am not crazy. I promise!

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