Quick Post: Standstill

by - Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Just a quick update. We're now living in the newly-furnished and decorated house and yesterday was our first time to actually spend the night there, even though most of our stuff including our beds had been transferred to our new room a week before. My sister and I stayed behind in the old house for a bit and waited until our father had arrived here in Manila. Now that he's here we officially moved in to the new house to sort of celebrate his arrival. Had a short drinking session last night with my brother, uncle and father before I went to bed (finally! My sister and I have been camping out in the old house for a week and we slept on a comforter).

It been a rainy week and I wasn't able to come to class today. I have no idea if they suspended classes but somehow I didn't care. It's probably because of the weather but lately I've been feeling so down and lethargic to even do anything. It's not much of a sinking feeling, but it's not unlike an empty, sickening sensation. It's like being lost in a supermarket when you came there all by yourself. So now, I've not done anything productive at all for the past week, and I can't bring myself to begin with a task.

I'll probably need someone to talk to. That or the weather must just be getting the best of me. The sun's been missing for almost a month now after all.

I have to go back now. Ja.

PS: I'll edit this later.

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