Quick Post: So where is Everybody?

by - Monday, September 05, 2011

Now that I'm all set up at home and abusing my internet like crazy it didn't take me long to realize that I'm extremely boring and have nothing else to do but surf the net and eat. So it leaves me little choice but to write so I can get my mind off things like rage comics, cat videos and other brain-damaging internet memes for a bit. I've settled with DIY beauty tips and I've recently purchased a few grams of honey for me to use as a facial mask together with some oatmeal and milk (wow, it sounds like a good breakfast). 

I've also recently been watching some DIY facial mask tutorials and which ingredients would help me get better skin in the least amount of time. I found that lemons were my best choice in my opinion, as they can help reduce the blemishes on my face caused by nasty pimples. There was one tutorial wherein the host (LOL) used compressed face masks combined with lemon juice and such, and recommended this as being super effective.

Which brings me to the question of: "Where the hell can I get my hands on these awesome things?"

They expand into a face mask when added with any liquid of your preference and they soak it all up! I think they're pretty handy to keep and quite efficient to use because you can buy lots and lots and you can keep them stocked up for future use without taking up a ton of space. 

Really, really interested in them and where to get them! So far I haven't found a method similar to this one except using those cream-things that dry into a face mask which you can wash off after a few minutes. These ones are ready to be peeled off your face after you're done with them - no hassle! Besides, with the compressed masks I can use different ingredients to suit my needs (like if I suddenly decide I want cucumber in them instead of honey or lemon) and I wouldn't have to spend $20 on different bottles of gunk I won't get to use everyday.

So, if anyone knows how to order them from the Philippines please do leave a message. Would totally appreciate it and as a thank-you I will send you a million virtual hugs. :))

Seriously, help!

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