January, February, and March Update: HashMash.

by - Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just to chronicle what I've been up to for the past few months since my absence. Who reads this blog anyway? :))

For some reason I feel like I've had a huge hangover from December, and I couldn't remember anything that happened in January. I relied on Facebook updates, photo uploads and tags just to help me recall what I've done. Wasn't very helpful - I just ended up with a bunch of photos I don't remember taking, with the dates all mixed up. LOL. So here's a few I could actually recall. I think.

Photos taken by my sister Keisha.
For my sister's First Communion, Kenso and I were chosen as proxies for her godparents who couldn't come that day. We went to eat lunch in a resto near the school after that, then Kenso and I left to a nearby mall to buy a few necessities. I think it was Friday the 13th that day, I dunno.

Virtual date because we're cheap and broke.
We also started playing pRO again! I've never actually experienced playing in the official servers, as I've only tried my hand at private servers with super high rates (because I like to cheat liek that). That and the fact that pRO used to charge credits so you could play (they don't anymore), and I was just a poor high school kid that time LOL. Private  servers were free to play. So I really struggled with the normal rates and the slow leveling process, but it was still fun because I was playing with my friends. I was always the Assassin. It's the only job I could connect to (wtf). Kenso likes being a Knight, though.

I remember a lot more of what happened here. Maybe it's because February was just a few weeks ago. And that I was quite busy with February. 

Every month always starts with Kenso and me celebrating our monthsary. ♥ I met up with him after his work shift and we ate dinner at a nearby mall. 

And now for my first cosplay and photoshoot for 2012:


Months (even years) before this, I planned to cosplay an Assassin Cross, a job from RO, since I have always, always loved that job. Thing is I couldn't because it was too revealing for me, and I couldn't find a seamstress at that time (I was sixteen, so it was roughly six or 7 years since I planned cosplaying my character. Not many were open to costume-making that time). But Yuu's cosplay inspired me to finally do it! She's much, much, muuuuch, MUCH better than me, x100000! But it was still a great feeling to finally do one of my dream cosplays! I'll only post some outtakes, I don't have all of the pics yet XD All cosplay pics here belong to Kuya Art.

Arch Bishop Martin and Assassin Cross Kenso.

Assassin Cross Ashley + Arch Bishop Madie
I organized this photoshoot with my very good friend, Madie.

The party. L-R: Martin, Kenso, me, Madie.
We planned this to be a sort of "couple" shoot, with two representatives per job - 1 male and 1 female. I invited two others but they couldn't make it because of prior engagements. Oh well, maybe next shoot~

Kenso already had an Assassin Cross costume from waaaaay way back, and we just revamped it to be more accurate ^^ Mine needs a little more adjustment, but I'm generally happy with the way it turned out.

We actually had to rush this a little bit, since the purpose for the "theme" was meant for the upcoming Valentine's day. I wanted a cheesy-ISH cosplay shoot with my partner, and we thought this would have been really cool. And it was, in a way. 

Come Valentine's day I was so busy I didn't even have the time to edit and upload the photos in time for the occasion. I wouldn't say it was all wasted though, because the time spent with my friends was priceless. ♥

So we just celebrated with a simple home-cooked meal and some wine. Cozy and relaxing~ 

Pesto love.

Mid-February came with a really big celebration, too. 

They're adorable. :D
My best friend since college, Justine, got married! It came as a surprise when she told me about it a few months back, and I couldn't be any happier. You deserve the loving husband and wonderful family, love. She's really lucky to have met a great guy like Vic. ♥

Me and Jansen at the wedding.
The theme was white, so I had to run around the metro with my mom to find a white casual dress for the wedding. LOL. Found the perfect one in the nick of time!

It was also around this time when I started pondering about a change I used to be so afraid of. I started growing my hair long since high school freshman year, and I've avoided getting my hair cut above my collar bone ever since. I strove to maintain a long 'do, and I even spent a few more bucks than usual so I could keep it healthy. The younger me always hid beneath my locks, and I've always regarded my hair as my security blanket ever since I could remember. 

But everyone needs change, right? And I grew tedious of the same look I sport every day. I decided to try something different this time, and my friends (especially Justine) and my beloved Kenso encouraged me to crawl out of my shell. 

March 1st, El Pollo Loco.

I didn't crawl, I burst through it. LOL. It's been a really good refreshing change, don't you think? Yeah. I'm so glad it came out great, and not horrible like I imagined. LOL. 

At PCC '12, in Robinson's Ermita.

Now the two of us have work and school to keep us busy, but it's still good. I had fun so far, and I can't wait for more! Next week Kenso and I are going out to Splash Island, and I'll blog all about it afterwards. Ja!

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