Late Post: Splash Island day trip

by - Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yes, yes. I know I promised another blogpost last month, but my supreme laziness got the better of me. So deal with it :D Besiiiiides, I only have one reader (and that's me). /heh. Anyway, I left off with some phrase saying Kenso and I are leaving for Splash Island that coming week and this post is about that. 

FYI, Splash Island is a local water-themed park/resort located in Laguna, Philippines. To get there, one must either own a car or be brave enough to face the long commute under the heat amid the smog. It used to be really, really popular especially among the tourists during summer and the holidays. It still is, actually, but not like it used to since the appearance of more vacation spots, some of which are more accessible and somehow cheaper.

I've never set foot in Splash Island before, and I remember my 10-year-old self thinking that it was a distant dream. Or something. While I didn't mind (because who cares?), I didn't stop wondering what kind of an experience it'd be. And I'd almost totally forgotten the whole thing anyway, as I was busy growing up.

Then one day Kenso told me about a featured promo in a website that offers deals (ooh, hint!) and ads for cheap, and when I saw that it was an all-day pass to Splash Island I absentmindedly mentioned I've never been there before. To be clear, I only meant for that comment to voice out my hesitation, since I worried about the commute and all that. Growing up fucks things up, yeah. It does that to you. But I guess Kenso took it the other way and bought two vouchers for us and planned the trip for the weekend, which was incredibly sweet~ 

Come that weekend we found ourselves wandering around in the heat in Alabang waiting for a bus to Laguna. But we cool, totally. LOL. The prospect of water-sliding and lounging around in a pool was enough for both of us to not complain. :D 

Aaaaand touchdown! We didn't get to take the traditional picture of posing in front of the venue's large welcome sign. We just went straight in, paid for the lockers, and dove right into the pools. This was one of the first pics we actually took when the excitement finally washed over us LOL.

Lookit. I be so happy.

Also FYI, you're not allowed to bring food from the outside. The guards will search your bags if you're hiding any snacks and will ask you to either leave the snacks at the gate or finish them before you enter the park. 

Most of the time we just hung out here because there was so much people everywhere.

Hanging out in the river. It was quite relaxing, actually, despite needing to fight over a floater. Or are they called rafts? I don't know. 

We tried out the different attractions too, but some of them were closed for clean up and the others were just clogged too full to the brim with vacationers so we generally avoided those. Despite that we had a ton of laughter, and we knew we'd be coming home with stories to tell. 

We went home just as the park was closing, and while mulling around with the crowd I mused at the light, elated feeling that I had. A kind of satisfied, Ican'tbelieveIjumpedoffa20footslide, Ihadthebesttimeever, kind of emotion. And it was awesome.

Thanks for reading my experience, and I hope you have a fun summer! Until next blog post!

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