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by - Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hi! Just a very quick-ish post of how my week was so far~  And since I can't remember what happened for the most part of the week, let's fast forward to last Thursday where my good friend Maddie and I had a cosplay shoot in Quezon City Memorial Circle.

I went as Kaiko, the genderbent version of Kaito who's a Japanese voice synthesizer program, called Vocaloid. They're quite popular nowadays. Plz look their songs up in Youtube - you'll never regret it.

"As the breeze comes, I feel your embrace."
Or some shit like that, lol. I actually joined this shoot a bit impulsively as I've been entertaining the notion of finally selling most of my costumes and cosplay stuff, just to make some more space for my clothes. #cosplayerproblems

Shot by kuya Pef Decena, who was very kind enough to come with us on such short notice. ♥

Maybe next week I'll post up an album with all the things I'll sell, including clothes I don't/never got to wear. 

I think out of all my costumes I'll probably miss Kaiko the most. But that's not really saying something because I've cosplayed very few characters. Still, I liked her costume the best - my Assassin Cross coming in second place.

/Random picture of a kitty family I encountered while loitering around QCMC.
The mommy cat was sooo sweet - she even came up to me to play with my scarf. ;A;

Finished shooting by 6pm. After that we were just too exhausted for anything else so we all went straight home. 

The next day I dropped by SM North after class to meet up with a client. I sold my ToraDora uniform costume to a very cute little girl :D And while I was roaming in the department store waiting for her, I bumped into Seph and Shai of LoveChic! I was quite hesitant to approach them at first, but YOLO. :D

Le happy derp face~ :D

They were incredibly nice, and very friendly. ♥ In retrospect, I feel that I spazzed so much it kind of freaked them out a bit, lol. And if they had any afterthought along the lines of, "Heh, that was weird. And creepy." I'd never blame them. :))

The week isn't done yet, I know. Insomnia does a lot of things to you. :D Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to attend the last day of the 11th Philippine Toy Convention in Megamall. Will upload pics as soon as I get enough sleep. 

Will end this abruptly with one last shot of my face, lol. 

Till my next post~ ♥

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