June Update: Zalora launch / Nothing to do here

by - Saturday, June 09, 2012


Quick update for June because I don't have as much free time anymore. Funny how things can change so rapidly you didn't even have time to blink. But here it is.

I finally got my SD card to work, so I expect that I can finally upload and sort all the pictures dating waaaay back into last Christmas. Maybe.

For now, here are some snapshots of me and Kenso during the Zalora PH opening last May 9th.

Featuring my most-used top, as it is one of my absolute favorites.
I use it a lot if you'll notice. :D

The "OohI'mannoyedrightnowletmejustpassive-aggressivelyputmyhandonmyheadfashionably" peg. To be honest I wasn't really trying to make a face. I was quite annoyed because the venue was a bit small, hence you'll accidentally bump into a few elbows and the occasional glass of gin and tonic. 

Le sleepy face. :D

Overall it wasn't that bad. Saw some celebrities, but Kenso and I generally just wandered around and went people-watching. It got boring too quickly.

Okay, it got really boring. LOL.

Social events really aren't my style. Oh well~ Ja!

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