June Update: More than this.

by - Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just another quick update. No, there's nothing wrong with your browser; I've tweaked my blog's template and here's the temporary layout - just a clean, simple aesthetic. I've been leaning more and more into minimalism and I've been trying to incorporate the idea into most things in my life, including the way I dress up. Some would argue that it's being lazy but I like to pretend that's not it. :))

In case no one noticed (which is very likely), I also changed my URL to subliminalwish. I thought it would be much  easier to remember than my old one (silhouetteash). Also much easier to spell, lol.

Brother's Burger 50% off promo! Taken last June 23. :>
My burger looks weird, lol.
July is literally just around the corner. In two weeks I'll be having my prelims exams, plus the two most important men in my life would be celebrating their respective birthdays! Already I'm panicking a bit because I don't know what gifts to get them. Any suggestions?

Noms! Nikki and I made some onigiri last week~ ♥
I'm marking this date on my calendar as I've received some good news from my best friend, Justine - she'll be giving birth today~! She wanted to share the same birthday with her would-be daughter and just this morning she and her husband headed to the hospital. Too excited to finally meet my goddaughter! :D

Tonight's dinner: a half-eaten cookie. JK, lol.
Wow, this has been such an interesting post so far. /sarcasm. Lol. I probably just did this for the sake of blogging. I don't like to keep things stagnant, plus it's a great way to keep myself busy. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight because Kenso and I will be watching The Amazing Spiderman tomorrow~! I've been hearing great feedback about the movie so I have high hopes that this won't be a let-down. I reserved some tickets two days ago as a surprise but somehow he always finds out about it, lol. 

Will post pictures of the movie date after tomorrow! Oya~ ♥

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