Quick Post: Cancelled

by - Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Blogging to pass the time, lol. Actually I'm just doing this so I won't have to type that reflection paper/essay that's due tomorrow. Yay for pathetic excuses! :))

Classes got suspended today, although the announcement came super late as should always be expected. I'm glad I never got to leave the house because by the time I was gearing up to go the flood outside was almost knee-deep already. I just waited around for the late announcement before changing to my lazy rainy-day clothes, hehe. 

Then I spent the next 10 hours watching Let's-Play videos in YouTube and lurking around in Facebook like a good netizen should. :D I actually got around to watching the walkthroughs of them creepy games like Amnesia and Cry of Fear; being bundled up under your blankets on a cold day while watching scary-ass videos is THE best thing ever. 

I think the only setback is that I didn't get to do my report which I worked so hard on. Well, not that hard but I did put a considerable amount of effort and I think that should at least be mentioned. Fortunately my professor was kind enough to allow me to deliver my report next week, probably because my work partner begged him to give us a chance. I'm thinking she couldn't do the entire thing by herself. After all, I had 90% of the data with me. >:D Okay, I may have imagined that was what happened but he did give us a chance and I'm very grateful. 

So, what else did I do...?


My (now empty) box of chocolate truffles and Dandelion honey tea~ ♥

Hehe! I absolutely love lazy afternoons. I was also planning on baking some choco fudge brownies but I later decided to save my stash for another day. Maybe tomorrow? I still need a proper baking pan, after all.

Now I just remembered that movie review I should also get started on. Haha, so much work to do~ I've decided on reviewing the new Spiderman movie, since that was the most recent film I've watched. ALSO IT'S FREAKING AWESOME. :D Loved how they caught Spidey's sense of humor really well, and the cinematography was well-done. It's a little fast-paced but I like it. Will post about that movie date another time. Right now it's time for me to make dinner and stuff my face with more food. ~~~~~~~~/o/

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