December Update: Early

by - Thursday, December 13, 2012


I've been trying to keep things simple and short these days. I find it tiring nowadays to exert more effort than needed, which is a bad habit in itself but I can't help it. Maybe I'll try changing it one day.


We ate in Chicken BonChon in SM North Annex -

After lunch we went to watch Rise of the Guardians~ Awesome movie! After seeing its trailer a few months back, I made it a point to watch out for it because I felt that a movie like this should NOT be missed - and how right I was. It. Was. Amazing. Hhhhhnnnnnnggggg Jack Frost. It's the kind of movie I'd be willing to watch again and again and again. 

Part of the allure it had on me was its message, and it gave me a sort of epiphany while I was watching it. See, I wasn't honestly planning on telling my future kids about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy (they aren't really part of our culture but they're still popular characters amongst kids), and even the Sandman. What's the point, I'd ask. The Boogeyman is part of the list but for obvious reasons.

But after watching the movie, I realized that it's not so pointless to make kids believe in characters that we think don't exist. WE think they aren't real. THEY do. And part of childhood is believing in magical creatures that give us a sense of wonder, mystery and most especially curiosity. And they need to be eternally curious of the world around them, don't they? So I realized that to give them Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman is to give them adventures, leading to  the discovery of new things. So I guess I'll give them that kind of childhood because they deserve it.

I also made the decision to include the Boogeyman in, because poor Pitch needs some love too. Lol. But the greater importance is that they should recognize what fear is, not to be afraid of the dark but to realize that it can be conquered by their own light. 

Shit like this builds character, I think.

Roughly a week prior, my friend Kimi who was living in Australia arrived here for her very, very short vacation and we scheduled a small gathering of friends so we could catch up on things and hug each other and stuff.

We had lunch in Tokyo Tokyo and had coffee and desserts in Afters, a café somewhere... north. I don't remember, we rode in a cab. Anyway, it was really fun seeing old high school friends again and reminiscing on our good times. 

Not a very flattering shot but it'll do lol.

Just last week Nikki, Challs and I baked this cute Angel Cake! We had quite the adventure while looking for materials and ingredients, running around the city looking for cheap supplies and those illusive strawberries. So glad we found some in the nick of time! We also had a field day while inside the Chocolover's shop - baking paraphernalia galore! I want to come back to replenish my stash and buy some more cake tools. :D The cake we baked was awesome~ We're planning on baking again this week. Hoping things go well again~!

And finally, a week after it was first shown in the cinemas, I was able to watch the Rorouni Kenshin live action movie! Kenso and I didn't really plan on watching it, especially after hearing that it would only be shown for a week here but after seeing our friends' reactions to the movie and reading the very positive reviews, we went for it. And it did NOT disappoint! Such well-choreographed stunts! The beautiful costumes! The ambience! The story! The actors! I was spazzing the whole time it was showing. Haha.

So far my December has been quite interesting. Christmas is just a few weeks away, too! I'm on the edge of my seat with excitement as to what lies ahead. /o/

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