November Update: Whirlwind

by - Thursday, December 13, 2012

So here's an overdue update of what happened to me for the rest of November, which I only remembered to do now - halfway through December.

As always, photo-spammed for your convenience.


Joined that LU Live! Convention thing and cosplayed our Assassin Crosses. Too bad I left my scarf so my costume was a little failure. Still was a great event because I got to see Kamikazee play live. ♥

We played games after we changed back into our normal clothes and on the photos above we wrestled each other while wearing those adorable Poring costumes.

Ate at TriNoma food court because we were bored... I think.

Went back to Sbarro because I wouldn't stop raving about wanting more pizzas. That cheesecake was heavenly!

Went to Little Tokyo with Nikki and Wans because we were craving for Japanese food~ Above pics are us eating melon pops.

Noms! I forgot what ramen we ordered. But I definitely want some more! We ate in Oishinbo again, lol. And... That's it... I think. I can't come up with more pics simply because I forgot where I placed them. 

Overall, I had a great November!

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