March Update: Island Cove '13, Post-Valentine's

by - Monday, March 04, 2013

I'm going to say I'm taking a break from writing reports right now to blog about our trip to Island Cove last February just so I wouldn't get judged for actually procrastinating and not getting any school work done. :D

Kenso and I have actually been to Island Cove (located in Cavite, PH) last October 2012 to celebrate a close friend's birthday and we've wanted to come back ever since! And come Valentine month February we prepared for this trip so we'd have somewhere sort-of new to wander around in, lol. 

To start, we bought a voucher offering us a two-day, one-night stay for half the price of the room. Everything's included in the package - breakfast, tours, and entrance to their water park, Oceana - which made the deal even more enticing. 

Getting there was another story, though. We like to commute to places, you see, and since we were both unfamiliar with the place (we had a vehicle take us there the first time 'round) I decided to look to the internet for directions. Unfortunately the Web has failed me as I found no clear-cut directions from my area to Island Cove. So I went with the instructions that made the most sense to me and followed that. Welp, through that experience I could very much say that the internet can't be reliable at all times. 

So how did we get there? From Lawton, we took a bus going to CAVITEX and told the conductor we were heading to Island Cove. He dropped us off at some sort of junction where mini-busses heading to Cavite City and Island Cove were passing by. Cross the street and take that mini-bus and in a few minutes you'll pass by Island Cove's facade! You'll see it on your left side, if I'm not mistaken. Our fare didn't exceed 100Php, which was pretty cool.

Map of the Island I found in Google Images. I thought it was nifty art. :))

We were greeted by nice personnel and they carefully checked our bags for firearms and dangerous weapons, lol. They also checked for other things we could be charged with (outside food were obviously not allowed) and then they asked us if we wanted to walk to the hotel or if we wanted a tram to come and fetch us. Lol, TRAM OF COURSE! XD

Inside the shuttle. They offer this service 24/7, to and from anywhere in the island!

At the reception desk, waiting for our room key.

We got there at exactly 2pm - just in time to check in! They accommodated us right away and soon we got our room key card and we were heading off to drop off our stuff and change. 

Our first agenda was to visit the Animal Island where they've got a zoo in there, plus an Adventure Arena thing where you and your barkada can play airsoft, rock-climb, and do other interesting group activities. I guess it wasn't peak season when we got there because the place was almost deserted, save for a large group of Korean guests.

Spacious playground you'll come to cross upon entering the second island. I wanted to try the swings but I never got to it.

Off to the zoo! The part with the net houses a variety of butterflies. We didn't get in.

That small sign tells you how to pick out the moths from the butterflies.

Duckies! And a turtle, if you can see it.

Peacock and his harem blocking our path.

Wee little rooster hiding! Kyooot!


They all seemed very sleepy bored. But one of them actually got up and wanted to chase a rooster, lol.

Duck duck duck duck duck duck.

Obligatory photo with the croc. :D


They had a section full of crocodiles too but I decided not to put the pics in here anymore, lol. It was evening before we realized it so we went back to the hotel and changed into our swimwear - although I was already wearing mine underneath, if you noticed in the photos above. /excitedmuch.

Best part about swimming in the evening is you get the whole pool to yourselves. :D Not much pics of the pool because lol diving in cold water and trying to float. We actually went for a little stroll around the resort after the swim which was incredibly relaxing, really.

We went to rent bikes the next morning - 80Php/hour for the hotel guests! 

Would have been ironic (and idiotic) if I could ride a motorcycle but not a bike, lol.

I can't remember the name of this restaurant. 
Breakfaaaaast! They had yummy longganisa~!

And just like that, it was almost time to go home. But not before a short swim in Oceana first!

We took our time packing our things because we'll certainly miss the place. Especially that bed. HMG softest bed EVER. It made me want to stay for another night simply by being so damn comfy! But eventually we had to leave and turn our key card in. *pouts* I wonder if I can get a similar comforter in a mall somewhere. :)) 

We commuted to SM Bacoor and rode a bus going to Lawton to get home. We actually found a shorter, much less dodgy way to get to Island Cove which was to commute to SM Bacoor from Lawton, get off from there and walk to the rear side of the mall where the mini-buses heading to Island Cove were waiting for passengers. Ask the guards if you get lost, lol. How did we find this out? Welp, when we got hungry after our evening swim we decided to look for dinner elsewhere because LOLOMG THE FOOD PRICES IN THERE ARE SKY-HIGH. Jk, but they were honestly not budget-friendly for commoners like us. Maybe someday soon when we both become wealthy.

Just looking at the photos again gives me the sweet nostalgia of that trip~! I'm grateful for that short vacation we spent together and I'm really gearing up for more. I think I'd want to try somewhere cold next time. Or a place with a hot spring, haha! 

'Till next post~


Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park
Please visit their website for reservations and inquiries.
You can also call them on these numbers: (+632) 810-7878 or (+6346) 434-0210,
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