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by - Friday, January 16, 2015

Let me talk about something that's gotten me super excited since they broke the news to me: one of my best friends got married!! That's right, one of my squad is officially hitched and rocking the adulting business and I couldn't be any happier for her. ♥

It's honestly taken all my willpower not to blog about this until after the ceremony was done. Because. 

It all started when she sent me this message over at Facebook: 

Kimi and I have been friends since our freshman year in high school. She moved to Australia after we graduated to live with her mum who works there and, while I was pretty bummed about it because we'll be parting ways and separated by a ridiculous distance and I'm selfish like that, I was actually quite happy she'll be joining her mum finally. We kept in touch through the magic of the internet and met up every chance we had whenever she comes back to visit. You might remember her from my post last December 2012

And of course I'm thrilled beyond belief to be her bridesmaid. Who could say no to an invitation from one of your closest friends to celebrate their love and union with their special person? To be granted the opportunity to walk down the aisle as part of their entourage is an honor, and I'm so happy she chose me to be part of it. 

Come March `14, we organized a get-together so her bridal party can meet up and discuss plans for the bachelorette party and the wedding. I had to come straight from work and they'd been so nice to settle for a dinner meeting so I could join them. 

Meeting the girls! L-R, that's me, Kimi, Jen, and the Maid of Honor, Anj. We're still missing one more because she had classes that evening. 
So effing happy for this lovely girl!

Hearing the details straight from the bride made us all giddy and we giggled like little girls as she told us their humble beginnings as a couple, right up to when Onath, the groom-to-be, proposed. This girl is living the fairy tale dream, I tell you!

Soon after that she had to go back to Australia to continue preparing for their wedding, which will be held here in the PH early next year. I was at the edge of my seat, eagerly watching the pages of the calendar sloooowly fly past. :))

The interim gave me and Jed, who is one of my high school best friends and was also invited to the wedding, some time to prepare what we were going to wear. I was lucky I didn't have to worry about my dress since I'm part of the bridal entourage, but Jed had to get his suit tailor-made, which was cool because he ended up using the suit for our company end-of-year party anyway. Soooo yay!

Fast forward to January `15, Kimi's back in the PH and I'm somewhere in the middle of Pasig celebrating her bachelorette party, lol. 

All I cay say is: It was... difficult to find GP-grade pictures to post here. :)) It was so much fun! She even hired people for home spa and salon service so when the party wound down we all had our hair and nails done. Talk about getting effin' pampered. 

And in no time at all, the big day was finally here. I joined the lovely bride in the hotel she's staying at to get my make up done and extend my hand wherever they needed assistance. I was able to bring Kenso with me and he went ham on the wedding pictures of course, lol.

Let me just insert myself here real quick lol

It was seriously the prettiest wedding I've been to. The ceremony and reception was held in Fernwood Gardens, which I think is so perfect if you're keen on a simple-but-elegant garden theme. Their chapel, while modest in size, is also quite breathtaking! I had a quick look at the venue before they decked it with decorations not really knowing what to expect, and when they were done the final look was so magical. 

It was a wedding people were going to talk about for years to come. The ceremony was heartfelt and there wasn't a dry eye in sight when the bride was walking up the aisle to meet her forever, even more so when they said their vows. It was perfect.

I'm very grateful I got to witness (and participate!) first-hand a huge milestone for one of my closest friends. This is something I'll be carrying with me always, and I could only wish for the best for the bride and groom. ♥

The wedding pictures were all grabbed from the Hirato Photography Facebook page
Please visit this link if you would like to see the full album!

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