February / Life Update: Oh, hi!

by - Sunday, February 22, 2015

I knew I was forgetting something. 

Before I walk into another cliche about life keeping us too busy to live, I wonder what else I've forgotten to do. I should actually follow through my resolution of keeping a list of my agenda and sticking to them.

Here's a photo of my recent trip to Binondo for the Chinese New Year, though! :)) I went with my office mates and had quite an adventure.

L-R: Kipp, me, and Jed. Happy Chinese New Year!

I tried to remove the ugly power lines but my editing skills are not god-like yet. 

Which reminds me that I should make a post about that trip, and soon.

And just like that, my time here is up. Yes, this is just a quick update to jump start things again. Call it my attempt to ride back into the busy streets of blogging.

Oh well, back to work! Hopefully there should be more posts from me in the very near future. 

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