Locavore Kitchen & Drinks: A New Twist for your Taste Buds

by - Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Haven't you ever craved for a good home-cooked meal? There's something welcoming and nostalgic about getting a whiff of your favorite lutong-bahay - bonus points if it's your lola or mom who's cooking!

Locavore is a restaurant and bar that serves all-Filipino dishes using mostly organic ingredients locally grown and bred. 

From what I gathered, locavore is a newly-coined term for a person who likes to eat food that is locally produced, and not transported over long distances. Chef Mike Zaguirre added that locavore is a play on words (local + vore) that aptly describes the Filipino lifestyle: that we Pinoys love our local dishes.

Chef Mike in the middle, with Kenso and Bong. :D

As such he wants to focus on the flavor of Filipino food, constantly finding ways to give it twists in flavor, presentation, and perspective. Indeed his take on our traditional food has more than just the element of surprise, as we soon found out.

The restaurant gives off an easy-going vibe, much like a regular hang-out spot for good friends, or a place to unwind on a Friday night. I could imagine myself easing up in here, surrounded by friends and engulfed in merriment.

We enjoyed the cool air in the al fresco dining area where we're seated. The interior has a unique character to it; the mood, bright and inviting. You may need to make reservations in advance because this place tends to crowd up fast. Nevertheless, you'd feel right at home wherever you're seated.

Their menu is nifty; it's fastened to a wooden clipboard!

An indicator for the best-sellers would be helpful. 

Observation: you can't see part of the menu as it's pinned under the clip. A larger margin on the edges of the menu print out should make things easier. #randomnitpicking

So what did we get?

Their appetizers: singkamas and mangga served with bagoong alamang, spicy chili salt, and patis, fish and squid balls with deep-friend quail eggs paired with their sweet, sour, and spicy sauces, and Oyster and Lechon sisig. 

One of their best-sellers, the Sizzling Sinigang (not pictured), is a must-try for the lovers of the flavorful soup dish. A tip though would be to mix and serve the sinigang as soon as it arrives to prevent the soup from getting reduced because of the heat from the hot plate. 

Everything came and went in a blur as everyone in the table scrambled to get a taste of every dish, afraid of missing out on the treat. And since this is also a bar, most (if not all) could be paired with some ice-cold booze - a total plus for me!

I'm no food critic. I won't be able to do justice if I try to describe how the food is. I can tell you that it was satisfying and one-of-a-kind. To be served with food you're already familiar with, yet still managed to catch you off-guard with the unexpected twist it offers is an experience in and of itself.

Two to three people can expect a hearty meal from one serving of their specialties - as if to say that you definitely, absolutely, must bring friends with you to enjoy this good food. And that's not a bad idea since their prices are perfect for sharing, too.

Did you think we forgot about dessert? Again it's apparent that Chef Mike liked to play with his tools, and the result is this lovely piece of work:

Torta Mangga

I felt my worries melt away when I had my share of these - I couldn't get enough! 

Turon con Leche

I'd recommend dining in Locavore if you like to try new things. Or even if you're just looking for a new place to eat at in the metro. 

I didn't get to sample their ale, which I heard were all from local brands as well. All the more reason to come back!

All photos taken using my iPhone 5s.

True to their name, they take the best of our local goods and then transform them into something out of the ordinary. Check them out when you drop by Kapitolyo, and you might even see me with my barkada having a blast over some hot dinuguang lechon, paired with a cold one. ♥

This is a sponsored post.


10 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Mobile: +63 923 588-9419
Instagram: @locavore.ph
Website: www.locavore.ph

Mode of Payment: Cash Only. Reservation Accepted. 

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