Quick Post: Philippine Wrestling Revolution - Vendetta

by - Saturday, March 07, 2015

Did you watch wrestling on TV as a child? I never got hooked, but my uncles and cousins loved it. They would re-enact their favorite moves from their preferred face or heel

Last 21Feb, my friends and I went to Philippine Wrestling Revolution's first event for the year - Vendetta

Poster from their official Facebook Page. Please do check it out!

It was held in Makati Cinema Square, with Php250/head. Gates opened at 6PM, but the actual show started at around 7-8PM. 

I've never watched a local wrestling match before, nor have I ever been to a live match. I've been told that the group had been wanting to promote professional wrestling in Southeast Asia, and have recently been taken under the banner of Sports Entertainment Philippines. I'm sure we can expect a lot more exciting events from them because of this!

It's a great opportunity for those who are really into professional wrestling, and passionate enough to withstand the demands of this competitive sport. 

Since we were able to reserve our tickets in advance, we got to sit on the second row - near enough to see some quality action in the ring. 

I'm not familiar with their names yet. But that doesn't mean they were forgettable. Each of these wrestlers made sure they made an impression when they entered the ring, when they fought their battle on and around it, and especially when the match was over. 

It's inspiring to watch people so dedicated on what they're doing. 

All photos taken using my iPhone 5s.

In my opinion, it's worth every penny to watch an event like this at least once in your life even if you know squat about wrestling. Plus, the crowd's energy is something else entirely. It was enjoyable, and very entertaining. 

Best to come in a large group, because more people = more noise = more awesome. I heard there is an upcoming event this May, and I'll be there for sure to cheer on the faces, and maybe some of the heels, too. And maybe I'd get to fight over the crowd for a shirt for the second time, haha! 

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