April Update: Electric Summer Music and Art Fest

by - Sunday, April 19, 2015

No matter how cliche it is to go for a beach trip during the summer, it's always worth packing your bags and braving the heat just to feel the salty air and the sand between your toes. Some are even willing to sit through a few hours in a cramped plane just to get a glimpse of the sunset over the blue horizon even if it is halfway around the world. That should give you something to think about. 

I'm not naturally inclined to chase seascape sunsets myself, but I would never say no to a fun day at the beach. It is what it is, and I grab every chance I can get if it means I can get out of the house. 

Recently I had the chance to join Click Productions's latest venture - Project X: Electric Summer Music + Art Festival in One Laiya Beach Resort. The event's premise seemed simple enough and I thought I was in for a chill night of moderate beach partying but I've been wrong before too, right? Yep.

 Touchdown! First shot of the day. 

It's cute how they handed out these paper lanterns for us to light as dusk fell. Said it was a light festival of sorts. 

Looks harmless enough, yeah?
All pictures taken from my Instagram | @_subliminalwish

Honestly it was a lovely day, and despite the horrible traffic and the fact that it took us about 6 hours to get to Laiya the entire trip was worth it. As night fell things quickly took shape on its own and by the end of it the last thing I could remember was free-flowing tequila straight from the stage, and people going absolutely batshit from all the booze. It was great. 

I do remember walking on the sandbar at 1AM when the water receded from the shore as the tide fell.  And about a few meters away from all the noise and the light I looked up to what was pretty much the clearest and most beautiful night sky I've ever seen to date. I'd pay good money to go back just for that.

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