Photo Blog | September Update: Bengal Brew

by - Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey, who doesn't love a good cat cafe, yeah? We saw this gem blowing up on social media and they're fairly new so we decided to give them a shot. Well worth the visit, I'd say!

It's one thing to see a (decent) cat cafe in this country, but a Bengal cat-themed cat cafe?? We just had to pay them a looksie.

Their cheesecake is TOP-NOTCH. It's not too sweet and there's an appropriate amount of blueberry to give it that lovely berry hint. It also goes amazingly well with their coffee which, interestingly, uses almond milk to give it a different spin and body. I think it's a lovely touch and a very good parallel for a cat cafe offering exotic kitties for company.

Goodness, they're so beautiful. I can't wait for my next visit.


Bengal Brew Cat Cafe
Ground floor, Manhattan Park View, Arantea Center, Cubao
Store hours are from 2PM to 10PM
Walk-in customers welcome. For reservations, call: (02) 3668287

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