Fantasy Quest '15

by - Friday, October 30, 2015

Hey~! Have I told you already that I love October? A lot of things happened this month, so here's another blog post!

A few months ago my good friend Maddie invited me to cosplay with her in Fantasy Quest. I've never attended this event before, and seeing that it'll be held at Fernwood Gardens (which I've been to early this year for another good friend's wedding) I just had to say yes! 

Since I'm pretty lazy the good thing about this is that I didn't have to worry about my costume - I just had to research my character and see what makes her tick, simple enough. I think this was my first (and only) cosplay of the year so it meant a lot to me to be invited.

Yuki and Asuna!

Dany's Drogon! So pretty!!

Angel, Maddie, and me

With Marvin and Donna
I bumped into a lot of old friends while we roamed around the venue, too. I haven't been going to conventions lately so seeing them again in an event was pretty fun.

The social recluse in me was sounding the alarm in my head as soon as the place got a little too cramped, but I made it through the end in one piece. Jed picked me up afterwards and we had dinner somewhere a lot quieter. (I will always prefer quiet dinners with him, especially after the chaos of cosplaying the whole day.)

There was a tad bit of reluctance on my part when Maddie asked me to cosplay with her, mostly because I know I've gained a lot of weight since the last time I donned a costume. The sigh of relief I let out when I found out Yuki's costume fit me just fine was enough to put my point across. Welp, here's to losing 30 - 40 lbs. of fat in the coming months!

But being back in the scene reminded me why I started this hobby in the first place - you won't find this exhilaration and camaraderie anywhere else! I guess once I'm in a better state of mind I'll slowly ease myself back into the hobby. Fingers crossed.

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