MicroHalloween '15: Rivendell Corrupted

by - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Despite what other people (read: killjoys) say, Halloween will always be my favorite time of the year for many reasons; it falls on my birth month, for one. The cosplayer side of me will always be gung-ho for any costume-making merriment, and it's also the only time of the year I can dress up as whatever or whoever without the usual judgment and stigma that comes with my hobby. 

It's the best time for me to let my creative juices flow - and boy did it ever this year. 

Obligatory workspace flatlay
As is customary for my company to hold a Halloween competition, this year they put up a new theme and deadline. With everyone's spirits dipping because of some recent changes we didn't know how badly we needed this distraction. Plus as the reigning champion from last year we all wanted to make sure that we're not leaving without our mark!

Rivendell, corrupted. Artwork by Steph and Jed♥ 

The cast! About 80% of these costumes were sewn by me. :)
Photo grabbed from Seffy's Instagram | @pilyongseffyboi
Did we win? Of course~! I'm very proud to be part of this team - each one did their part and gave it their very best. All the effort was worth it!

While it's now a bittersweet memory for most of us, we're happy to have left one last milestone in our time in Microsourcing. Plus next year all the other accounts have very big shoes to fill, lol. Now onwards to new adventures!

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