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by - Sunday, October 18, 2015

Figured it was a good time to go for one last out-of-town trip before the year ended even though it's still October just to get the past month's taste out of our mouths. Things had been happening so fast lately, and whether we knew it or not we desperately needed a breather before we start tearing our hair out of our heads.

Lately I've developed a penchant for searching for white beaches online during my spare time in the office and I came across this resort while checking out Trip Advisor. The lovely reviews piqued my interest so I decided to convince my partner into booking a stay. It didn't take much on my end because one look at the stunning pictures was enough for him to have us file our leaves and prepare for the trip!

Jed was the one that coordinated with the reservations team, leaving me to take care of planning our itinerary and travel route. He sent them first an inquiry email and promptly received a response where they let us know that the cottage we were looking to book had been taken already, but in lieu of that offered us their newer accommodations to try out. We were quite happy that they were so considerate and opted to take their offer to stay in their Tree House. We booked a 3-day-2-night stay and paid via bank deposit, and they provided us with a receipt via email to present to the reception on the day of our booking.

How we got there:

  • From Pasay LRT 1 Station, head to the back of Kabayan Hotel. Landmark: Chowking and Jollibee. 
  • Walk through the narrow street and you'll find a van terminal that journeys to Balayan and Calatagan. Tell the drivers you're going to Calatagan and they'll tell you which van you can ride to get there. Travel time will take about 2.5 hours, depending on traffic.
  • Alight at Calatagan town proper.
  • Approach a tricycle, tell them you're going to Stilts. Usually there will be a tricycle or two parked near the van terminal. Refer to this map if you need help. Fare is around 100Php. The tricycle will take you as far as to the hotel facade and parking lot. 
Remember to bring plenty of water to drink during the trip, especially if you're traveling during summertime. Enjoy the tricycle ride going to Stilts - the road to the resort is so picture-perfect!

Naturally I went ham on the pictures:

The main beach. This area is where the tourists and hotel guests frequent, and where most of the beach activities take place.  This is also where you'll find their famous stilts cottages. Near the shore you'll find a hut where you can rent kayaks, boats, swimming and snorkeling gear, and more. 
Wading in the water. This is the beach that's nearest to our Treehouse. You can see that it's a little less-maintained but still pristine. They decided to preserve the seaweed in this part, and you can find lots of starfish and other creatures that bury themselves in the sand. Naturally I freaked out.
Other side of the second beach. Lots of big rocks over on that side. The maintenance staff actually discourages you from walking across the rocks as it could get dangerous.

The eponymous stilts cottages. These cottages are built for multiple guests, and their biggest can fit up to 25 people. They all look well-built and meticulously maintained, and each cottage has a ladder that gives its guests direct access to the beach. The area at the bottom and near the cottages are rife with seaweed. The growth isn't thick enough to concern you, but make sure you still wear proper gear for safety.

The blushing line of Calatagan. There's a spot near their restaurant where you can sit and catch the full, unobstructed view of the sunset while enjoying your dinner. They also have benches and love seats scattered across their main beach if you'd like a more secluded and romantic setting.

Second day in the resort. Still so beautiful.

The swimming pool was quaint and adequately-sized. The best part about it, however, is that it's heated so you can enjoy the pool at night without your teeth chattering! Jed and I enjoyed a lovely night swim before calling it a night. It's so relaxing!
The welcome sign greeting you to paradise. Walk down this pathway and you'll reach the hotel lobby and the pool. All around the resort you'll find adages and quotes that add to the resort's charm. I think it's a really cute and personal touch. 

The entire time were were there we couldn't think of anything else other than how beautiful the resort was, and how everything was so well-maintained. The staff were well-trained and very friendly, and gave us all that we needed - whether we asked for it or not. This place took our worries away and allowed us to focus on each other as a couple, and for that alone we made a promise to come back.

I also regret not taking pictures of the food they had to offer. Most of their dishes are for sharing, and all very delicious and affordable. Their selection of drinks and cocktails also had us very satisfied; I had one damn good Sidecar!

At the end of your stay they will ask you to fill up a guestbook and tell them about your experience, and honestly I think the whole guestbook isn't enough for me to write down just how much we loved the place.

We sincerely had no words. Impeccable service from the staff - from the email reservations team down to the lovely maintenance people. 10/10, we will be back very soon.


Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort
Please visit their website for more info, reservations, and inquiries.
You may also contact them on these numbers:
0917-5863343 / 0917-5237777
0917-5807653 / 0908-8662254
Send them an email at or
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