December Update: Of Surprises and Skipped Heartbeats

by - Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I guess I haven't updated this blog much to establish the fact that I'm not very fond of December. Mostly because it's THE holiday season for the PH, which means droves and hordes of people will be coming and going in the weeks to come. When it comes to my dislike for people and crowds, I believe that much I was able to translate here, at least. 

Despite my tendency to shy away from The Outside during the festivities, I'm very much willing to forget all that if it means I'll be spending time with some of my favorite people - like my dad. 

I couldn't get a picture of all of us together, so here's a collage.
Photo from my Instagram | @_subliminalwish
Look who decided to come home for the holidays! We don't usually get to spend time with him since he lives and works so far away, and often when he does get a holiday it's during the summer. Seeing him during the Christmas season is suddenly tons better for some reason! Lol all the sales happening in malls huehue time to ask my dad for gifts, mwahaha!

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We had this for our family dinner at Seafood Island where my dad got to meet my boyfriend for the first time. So far so good!

Also while I did say I'm not fond of Christmas that doesn't mean I'm a complete Scrooge. I do have people I hold dearly and I like to pamper them with gifts from time to time. Jed and I decided to go and look for some good gifts we can hand out to our family members one weekend and although I failed in documenting our haul, I was able to take a picture of this: 

I've been obsessing over Crimson Peak since it came out and I could not resist staring at this Thomas Sharpe Funko Pop figure when we passed by a toys and figures shop. ♥ I didn't want to purchase it then because I wanted to buy my gifts for my siblings first and planned on coming back for him later, but sweet boyfie decided to grab him for me as a Christmas present. Eeeeeee~! He now sits on his place of honor atop my computer desk so I can stare at him every time I need some perking up, haha!

On the subject of surprises, looks like he's pretty keen on letting me know just how much he likes to go big on the gestures:

As if he doesn't already do enough to keep my heart beating faster and faster. It was a regular work day and I was just reading manga working when he plopped this on my desk after coming back from his break. What a keeper! ♥ 

Merry Christmas, and have yourselves a Happy New Year!

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