January Update: Speeding up to slow down.

by - Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy New Year! Looks like life caught up with me like it always does and now I only have time to make a (long-ish) recap of what happened the past month. Like they say, time flies when you're having fun. 

I always spend the New Year the same way - slumped with work and too busy ignoring the fireworks, lol. There's not more to it, really; I just happen to work 'round this time every year and I never bothered to take a leave. Not that I mind, actually, especially since Jed and I have got each other for company in the office anyway. Work perks, I guess?

This past month had been a blur for another reason though. I hadn't been feeling well since last December, though I took it as a sort of Christmas bug and didn't pay it much mind until recently. The moment I was forced to take a sick leave I just had to have it checked. I'm still waiting for the results but hopefully it's nothing serious. 

(I'm actually crossing my fingers and praying hard here; I hate going out for check ups.)

This month's highlight though is coming to Pam's gig at Catch 272. She was sweet enough to invite us to watch her play after her hiatus and OFC we weren't going to miss it for the world!

On our way to Pam's gig~
A glimpse of the stage
Honestly, she plays such hauntingly good music. She's got this distinct sound that mesmerizes you - so much that you'll forget to whip your phone out to take videos and photos. :)) Also I went ham on the drinks because I love cocktails and they're dirt cheap.

Obligatory dinner post!
Sicknesses and workloads notwithstanding, I did have a good January. Let's maintain this momentum, shall we? :>

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