February Update: That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

by - Friday, February 26, 2016

Heya! While I'm catching my breath this month, here's a blog post~! 😜

Where I come from you'll often hear February being referred to as the Love month, or Singles' Awareness month - whichever side of the spectrum you hail from. I don't know what the deal is with this weird focus on your relationship status; maybe it's because Filipinos are just naturally loving people. Take it as you will. 


This month Jed and I were still feeling the high from our last out of town trip so we've decided to gun for a short Baguio trip on Valentines' day. Nothing lavish, just a short trip up north so we can have a taste of the cold air, which we heard was dropping at an all-time low this year.

(Funny how I kept saying "short trip" when it's a 6-hour long bus ride at best.)

Our bags were packed by 3AM, nevermind that we had to lug our stuff to the office because we still had to work that day. Right after our shift we headed over to the bus stations in Cubao to catch a late Baguio-bound bus. We got to the terminals at around 10:30PM. I didn't go with my usual style of traveling where the tickets were pre-booked and our route and itinerary were ironed out - this time I decided to let my hair down and relax for once. Surprisingly I didn't mind being a chance passenger this time, and come 11PM  a bus (luckily) came by with seats with our names on it! I'm not sure we got enough sleep because of all the hype, lol.

The thing about excitement though, it tends to make you forget certain things. Like your phone charger cables. :)) We managed to take a few shots before our phones promptly died. 

Breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins!

It was a great feeling, waking up at the crack of dawn to find that you had just reached your destination. Jed and I were wearing thick jackets yet the biting cold still stung at our skin and fogged our breaths. We enjoyed a few moments of euphoric laughter playing with the clouds of air we exhaled before deciding that we needed to take shelter before we freeze to death. (Well, not really, but it it was still quite cold!) The temperature read 10°C, but it somehow felt even colder than that.

Since we only had about 24 hours till we catch the next bus home, we ended up walking around the city after we dropped our stuff off at the hotel. We only returned to the hotel a few hours later to take a nap, then went around the night market to buy our souvenirs and get some dinner, and watched other tourists walk around dragging their loot from the various ukay-ukays that can be found all over the city. In the morning we had breakfast at the hotel courtesy of their buffet, before checking out at noon. 

We stopped over at SM Baguio (because you must) for a short lunch date before heading to the bus terminal where we caught another bus for Manila by chance. For all the roughing-up that we've done, the entire trip was surprisingly light and relaxing.

Of course you gotta visit SM Baguio when you're there. It's traditional!
So I guess the lesson there is, either you remember to pack your charger cables or be prepared to come back if you want to take more pictures. Haha! I wouldn't mind coming back though. 

This year I also went ahead and made some surprise homemade Nama chocolate for Jed using a recipe I found in YouTube (lifesaver, really). I know it's customary in some countries for girls to give guys some homemade chocolates while confessing their feelings, so I thought it would make a sweet gift for him even though he already knows how I feel about him. :)) Unfortunately no pics of that because he ate everything right away, lol. Next time I make some I'll make sure to take a quick snap before I hand it over to him!

But really, I'm conflicted in choosing which was the highlight for February because OH MY GOD WE WATCHED DEADPOOL. UGH. It's only February but I can safely say this is the. Best. Movie. Of. The. YEAR. Hands down!!! Ryan Reynolds was born for this character, haha!

Really, it's just sweetness overload this month interspersed with random doctor visits here and there. Hopefully after further testing we'll hear something more concrete about what it is that's wrong with me, aside from the obvious love bug. :P

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