March Update: Elsewhere

by - Friday, March 25, 2016

Time for another update! Looks like I'm going with one blog post per month at this rate, but I'll try and keep things fresh anyway. Bear with me!

With the departure of March on the horizon we all found ourselves saying our farewell's to one of our AU bosses. He'd been our manager ever since, and had probably trained over 80% of the staff during Briston's first few months. It's going to be real weird without him, yet sadly life goes on. On the other hand, I'm quite happy one of our own will be taking the mantle as the account manager in his stead! Yay, Crystal! 

No goodbyes, just see-you-laters. This ain't even the whole team!
Earlier this month Jed and I went to celebrate an old tradition - in Japan!

The lights just reel you in.

Oh those lovely yukatas! I'll definitely wear one next year!

Loljk it's not really Japan - I'd have a separate (and longer) blog post for that if it were! It's as close as we could get though. Fingers crossed we'll cross Japan off our list come 2017!

I come here almost every year to celebrate with my friends from AdU, and it's literally like stepping into a whole 'nother dimension. I love everything about this place, and I can't wait to come back next year! I'm also quite happy that Jed enjoyed himself during the festivities. Lol what's not to love, really?? Happy I got to see his inner weab come out and squee, haha!

Obligatory couple photo because why not.
With another month coming in quick, I'm looking forward to more adventures and stories to tell. Where to next?

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