Quick Post | April Update: Brevity

by - Sunday, April 17, 2016

You'd be surprised by how fast grass grows if you're not paying attention. :))

We started off the month with a lunch date with my college buddies - a rarity no one should miss (yet someone did, but oh well). What started out as playful banter over Facebook quickly became something more, and only then did we realize how much we missed each other. I don't think I'd have fond memories of my time there if not for these lovies!

We're missing one more person, but there's always next time!

Dyahe piece. :))
It was quick, but lighthearted and fun. ♥

The next morning Jed treated me to that tapa place he'd been raving about when we passed by going to Pam's gig. 

Spam sticks!
From Instagram | @_subliminalwish

Good stuff, I'd say!

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