Photo Blog | June Update: Far Ahead

by - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

And just like that, here we are - halfway through the year already. How's everybody going?  

He took my hand one weekend and told me he'd take me on a little trip and introduce me to someone special to him, someone he's never introduced anyone to before. I felt the gravity of this would-be meeting fill the air; there was no reluctance in my 'yes'.

He'd been telling me stories of his grandfather and his colorful childhood ever since we were friends, and now more so when we became a couple. There's that distinct light in his eyes when he recalls his favorite stories. 

I loved seeing that light paint his eyes. 

The weather's just right.
Somewhere in this garden he "introduced" me to his grandfather. He'd been meaning to visit for a very long time now, and I'm happy we were able to pull this trip off - made all the more special because it was Fathers' Day. 

I saw that same light fill his eyes that day. 

I aspire to have the same kind of wall art in my bedroom, really.
We then had a late lunch in Malingap before retreating home. I'll always be grateful that he deemed me worthy enough to come and visit his father-figure. ♥

Later in June my family decided to take a mid-year trip up further north to Baler, Aurora. We don't go on trips often mostly because we're all busy with either work or studies, so this is quite a rare treat for us!

Here's a few of the 500+ photos we all took of the trip: 

Tried, fell, tried again, and survived - for like 6 minutes! :))

Quezon House - Once the vacation home of President Manuel L. Quezon, the house is a short walk from Cemento Beach. Today, only the foundation and a cement staircase remain; the house was destroyed by a typhoon. (From Discover Aurora)

Ditumabo Mother Falls - Our guide told us that people had been unable to come near the bottom of the falls before because of the strong jets streaming from above, nevermind that the ice-cold water was actually quite deep. Things changed overnight after a particularly vehement storm caused a rockslide, changing the topography of the pool below the falls. Now people can flock all around the natural pool and even swim near the falls. The rocks around the edges of the pool were actually quite sharp, and there were a lot of crevices for your foot to get stuck in, so I suggest wearing some sort of protection if you'd like to wade in.

Here's a tip: If you'd like to visit the falls, it's worth hiring a guide who knows the trek to the falls. It can get really slippery, and you will need assistance in climbing up and down the rocky (and wet) path to and from the falls. The guide can (and will) tell you more about the place, so it's best to come with a listening heart and an inquisitive mind.

Diguisit Rock Formations - This time we didn't employ the help of a tour guide and decided to venture out and seek the rock formations ourselves. It took some time but we made it here. We also made it to the short trek to Diguisit falls, which is just right by the side of the road. 

Balete Park and Millenium Tree - Trese vibes, anyone? Lol. I loved going here. This tree is 600 years old, and is the largest tree of its kind in Asia! Officially, it's called the Millennium Tree of the Philippines. Due to its age, cave-like spaces formed inside the "trunk" in which you can explore and feel like the balete swallowed you alive. Balete trees are deeply connected with the mystical and spiritual side of Filipino culture, and you can read one of the many articles about it via this link.

Baler Hanging Bridge - I didn't find out much about this place actually, but crossing this bridge was quite an adventure just the same. I have no idea how deep the water below was, but as the bridge swayed and the wood panels creaked from our weight I felt thrilled walking along its length while the breeze softly swept past.

If you'd like to read more about Aurora, please visit their website here.

Because we only stayed there for 2 days and 1 night, we missed out on visiting Dicasalarin Bay and Dimadimalangat Islet, among all the other sights to marvel at in Aurora. :( I consoled myself with the thought that I could always come back, and this time I'm taking Jed with me.

Coming back home after a long trip is always my favorite part, because now 'home' meant two brown eyes and a heartbeat. 

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