Photo Blog | December Update: Précis

by - Friday, December 30, 2016

Lately I've been finding it much easier to make updates at the end of every month with a photo blog entry; the memories of the past weeks easily compiled in one post seemed more appealing to me rather than making an entry every time something happens. Don't you think it's much neater this way?

That being said though I do think it's time for me to make a weekly post of what went on just to properly chronicle my life. Shorter updates = easier to digest, IMO. But we'll see.

We kicked December off with a short visit to UP Town Center, a local mall in Katipunan, for an errand run. We've been trying to get more things done since the past month now that we have more time on our hands. Checking this mall out sounded like a good plan at the time. (It was.)

In the end we got to buy some essentials, and then some. We're putting of buying Christmas presents until next week though. :))

The following day we were Batangas-bound to celebrate my grandmother's birthday~ *throws confetti* It was just a small celebration between family and close friends. The rest of my family went back to Manila while Jed and I stayed behind to keep my grandmother company for 2 more days before commuting back home.

During our stay we were joking about making side trips here and there just for the hell of it. It was a fun idea to poke at, dropping by either Laguna or Tagaytay just for a day trip before heading to Manila. As the days wore on though a quick getaway sounded more and more attractive - until we found ourselves getting off at Olivares, Tagaytay before chasing a jeepney ride to Sky Ranch!

Being spontaneous yields its merits: I got a great 360° view of Tagaytay from the Sky Eye, and a lovely taste of the cold weather to boot~! The best part was we didn't have to spend more than 1000Php for the whole trip!

The next week came in with us receiving some hella good news. We headed back to Eastwood to meet up with our officemates and had lunch at T. G. I. Fridays.

As if pigging out on burgers wasn't enough for us (it never is), the next day we set out to have lunch at Dohtonbori. I swear, their okonomiyaki is something else. AND THEIR ULTIMATE CHEESE OKONOMIYAKI, OMG. Yes, all caps for emphasis! Never leave Dohtonbori without tasting this best-seller and a couple of their gyozas. :D

On the final week of December I was able to get some half-priced tickets for The Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City. I've seen the reviews and have always meant to check the place out but we never had the time before now. I'm really glad we were able to explore the place! #culturedAF

Welp - 2016's been fun, yeah? Looking back I think this is the most I've ever lived, blog post or none. But I'm certainly not going to stop there. I'm on the hunt for more adventures, and 2017 is pretty promising. Here's to chasing down everything I've ever wanted~!

Have a Happy New Year!

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