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by - Monday, February 20, 2017

For Valentine's Day I decided to spend some time with the people close to my heart - because that's basically the point, right? Thought so.

I've been meaning to meet up with my friends from Adamson for a bit of time now, and when they set up the meeting of course I just had to say yes! It may come as a surprise but gatherings like this are a tad rare for us, because we've all grown up and assumed different priorities. Adulting is hard, lol. 

Not even the whole gang. I miss them already!

For someone who'd been quite busy the past few weeks, this is a refreshing change of pace. To say I had a blast would be an understatement! It kind of took me back to our time in college, of late night merriment and devil-may-care mindsets, without a care in the world. I'm quite thankful for little joys like this.

We spent as much time with each other as we could, until the night wore on and I eventually had to head home. Valentine's Day was coming in a few hours, and I'd like to get as much sleep as I could. But just when I thought my heart had had its fill of happiness, Jed just had to come in and prove me wrong:

I'm not fond of flowers, and while I do think they're beautiful and appreciate what the gesture means, I'd rather go for a more practical approach. No mushy gifts or dedications for me, thanks. Despite this he's unafraid to show me how he does things, how he likes to pamper me with the occasional rose, or a cute note on my desk, or the not-so-occasional sushi treat. And sometimes he likes to make a statement, like this. It's the little things, the big gestures, the works. And I didn't think I'd love it but I do. Absolutely.

The next day we were out and about again, this time for a little gathering of our own. We've been planning this for some time now, and we've decided Valentine's day would be the best time to introduce our mothers to each other, because why not? We set a time for us to meet at Mokja in Maginhawa so we can bond over unlimited samgeopsal~ ♥

L - R: Jed's Aunt, and Mom, with my Mom.

Photos grabbed from Jed's Mamoo. :D
It's quite fulfilling to see our mothers chat and get to know each other. It actually made me and Jed wonder why we didn't do this earlier, lol. I would definitely love to see them spend more time together, which they promised to do anyway while Jed and I would be away (more on that maybe on another post).

This year's celebration is something I'll hold close to my heart, and it's something I'd like to do again! After all, there are many kinds of love, and I'd like to take Valentine's day as a celebration of all its forms. Can't wait for next year!

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