Traffic, John Wick, and dinner at Cow and Chick(en).

by - Friday, February 24, 2017

A few weeks ago my friends and I were just chatting on FB (as usual), mostly talking about memes and general goings-on in our lives when we came across this ad from Cow and Chicken:
Wagyu steak?? SIGN ME UP FAM
Jokingly we asked our friend Brian if he'd take us up on this promo, since he's our honorary third wheel for most of my dates with Jed. (Of course he said yes.) 

At the time we hadn't really committed to anything because we were preoccupied with other things: with my okonomiyaki dinner with my Adamson friends, and with our samgeopsal lunch date with our mothers. We were also focused on Jed's DFA appointment, which was due around that time as well. (Praying all the while for the government to not fuck us up this one time.) 

Add the fact that a lot of people would love to latch in on the promo because of the timing. 

This looked too good to pass up though. And I've been pretty keen on getting a steak dinner at the time, too. I'm chalking that up to unreasonable meat cravings. I kept a close eye on this promo the following weeks after we spoke about it in the group chat. 

There was little mention of it again until about a week before Valentine's day. John Wick 2 was finally showing in the cinema, and Jed was the one who brought it up.

"Wanna go for that steak dinner thing and bring Brian along?"

"Fuck yeah."

It's that easy to talk to me, really. 

So of course we decided to have book a reservation at Cow and Chicken on the day after we have our samgeopsal overdose. Which was completely logical. Lol.

The Uber ride took far too long to find me, and now we're stuck in traffic.
And here's me playing with Snapchat while being stuck in traffic. Can I just say that it was SUCH a good idea to leave the house 2 and a half hours ahead of time? Ridiculous. Nothing really gets me pissed like traffic does.

Selfies before heading inside the cinema for John Wick 2. We absolutely loved the movie! We were very impressed with the storytelling and the overall style of the director. Personally I think it's quite an original take on already-established tropes, giving it a fresh yet familiar feel. 

We had a few hours to burn before our reservation, which was at 11PM, so we roamed around the mall until closing time before heading to Kapitolyo. 

We're actually quite impressed with the food and service at Cow and Chicken. They knew their stuff (as they should). I was pleased when they were able to suggest some good wine to pair with my steak, which was cooked well and to our liking (medium rare). We all thoroughly enjoyed our experience, and would love to come back for more!

February's been quite a month, and I'm quite happy with how things turned out. Now, on to March!

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