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by - Friday, March 31, 2017

I figured this should be a lot easier than mincing words together. 

Goodbyes are hard, but my friends powered through. :)) I'm very thankful I have these people in my life. I've been so set on not throwing a going-away party but these lovelies just won't take no for an answer. In the end, I'm more than glad that they insisted.

On a whim I decided to watch Kimi no Na wa during my flight to Dubai. I'm still torn as to whether this was a mistake or not. On one hand, I enjoyed the movie immensely. No other movie has moved me to tears the way this one did. The way it plucked at my heartstrings, and how it made me want to watch more movies of the same genre (which I generally tend to avoid) is something worth mentioning. On the other hand though, it reduced me to a pathetic sniveling pile of emotions and right by the end of it Jed had to stop his movie and ask me if I will need a mild form of tranquilizer. Honestly I don't think I was sobbing that hard. And I probably shouldn't have had that entire bottle of wine before I watched the movie.

Our first breakfast! I think. This was taken the day we got dragged to Ikea to look for new stuff. I don't remember much about this day because after we stuffed our faces full of food we were pretty much walking zombies for the rest of the day. 

My Classic Mojito, otherwise known as my comfort drink.

Jumeirah and Kite Beach - Roughly a week and a few days after we first landed here we got whisked off to Jumeirah and Kite Beach to watch Emman surf. Much merriment was had. We basically stayed in the public beach well until sundown. It was lucky that the weather was still slightly cool from the fading winter so the sun was still pleasantly warm against our backs.

Burj Khalifa - Sometime late in March we decided to head to Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa like proper tourists. We didn't check out the view of the city from the tallest structure in the world yet, though. We figured there will always be time for that. We'll make sure there is.
And here we are. Here's to finding better luck on this side of the pond!


All photos belong to me unless stated otherwise. Please don't steal, thank you. :) 

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