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by - Saturday, April 29, 2017

An update for the month that came and went. To be honest I'm still trying to remember what we did or where we went (like that's a surprise, knowing me). I did make a conscious effort to record everything in my planner but even that proved (laughably) futile. 

So like a desperate amnesiac I resorted to scouring my phone's photo gallery, eyes searching for broken pieces of the puzzle that might never be completed. Or something like that. In the end I'm left with more questions: "Where did we take this picture? And why?" 

Which brings us to this post. I tried to keep the photos in the order I found them in my gallery. Enjoy the coherence - or lack thereof.

Baskin Robins' Chocolate Chip - A sure sign of the heat wave to come is when people start flocking the refreshments stores looking for ways to escape the scorch of the weather. I've mentioned it before that I am not fond of ice cream but summer in the UAE proved to be effortlessly persuasive. 

Middle East Film & Comic Con - At Emman's behest we dropped by MEFCC to check out the local community. The difference in execution as far as conventions here and the PH are vastly contrasting. I think I'll enjoy cosplaying here, if I ever get back to the hobby. 

An attempt at (clumsy) calligraphy - Won't you resort to this, too, when you're trying to keep your morale up and your writing materials are all you've got with you?

Roasted chestnuts appear to be a popular treat for the locals, much to my delight. 
Smoked salmon over quinoa is also a common item on the menu, and is available in most convenient stores. Considering that quinoa is a tad pricey by itself, buying cheap set meals like this one or two times every week is such a better alternative than having to buy it in bulk since I'm not that into eating it exclusively anyway. I'm convinced that all my money will be spent on good food.

Mamzar Beach Park - One of the more rewarding things about waking up early is seeing views like this. The local government's focus on places of recreation and leisure is more than commendable (and enviable, sadly. I wish Filipinos gave a shit about places like this back at home. too.)

On a more personal note, I'm starting to feel a lot better about living thousands of miles away from the life I've always known. Here's to better and better days.


All photos belong to me unless stated otherwise. Please don't steal, thank you. :) 

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