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by - Tuesday, May 16, 2017

These days a lot of establishments would boast that they have the best food at reasonable prices - but finding out of they walked the talk is another journey entirely. Time and again I found myself walking away from their doors with my wallet a little lighter but my cravings yet to be satisfied. "Until the next adventure!" I'd say.

Having said that, Trev's Bar and Grill definitely set the bar miles higher after my visit with them. 

The wide open parking space welcomed us in, and we were impressed with how spacious and accommodating the vibe is even from the outside. I was even more impressed with the interior - very roomy but comfortable and homey. Michael Dee, the manager and head of operations, tells me that his brother did the design and architecture, with his mother taking care of the furnishings.

It was a family effort for a family dream, he says.

What started as a distant aspiration of his parents now became a reality when they first opened their doors back in November 2017 - and it just keeps getting better for Trev's (an inversion of Michael's father's nickname - Bert). The restaurant easily managed to give off the look and feel of a classy modern bar whilst still maintaining the family-friendly ambience. It wasn't too dark, and the sound system's volume was just right - no need to scream out my order to the waiter, or yell at my friends to tell them about how my day went.

In keeping with the family's effort to materialize their dream some of the food in the menu were inspired by or were actual family recipes from Michael's kin, painting a personal and rather sentimental touch to each dish. Pleasantly satisfying, savory, and with a hint of loving care, it's impossible not to enjoy their house specialties. Trev's has a wide range of entrees from beef to seafood - all carefully prepared and perfect for sharing with a group. A sure favorite is their Baked Oysters and their Humba!

The bar, manned by Michael's cousin, also flaunts an array of drinks and cocktails that will most definitely go well with your dinner. A real must-try is their Banana Colada, a rich cocktail of rum and sweet happiness. I felt my worries melt after a huge sip!

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Apart from the lovely menu and the relaxing interior, guests can enjoy being serenaded by the band of the night. It was Acoustic Monday, and I made sure to send out a request for my favorite acoustic songs to set the mood. By the end of the night I was too reluctant to leave the comfort of my seat. The thought of another visit to Trev's became my reassurance, accompanied by the thought of more great food to be shared with my favorite people, and the sound of Mojito glasses clinking.

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Article originally published in M Magazine Volume 2, Issue 6.

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