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by - Sunday, May 28, 2017

I'm not sure if it's because I haven't been paying attention that much but boy am I surprised to realize that this is the last Sunday of May. What the heck, right? I'd like to take that as a sign that Things Are Going Well, but then again when the days fly by fast you might risk taking things for granted.

I want to make a conscious effort to make my days count as I count the days passing by.

Which is why I'm on the search for a new hobby. It won't be long before I can buy my own sewing machine, so there's that and my Pinterest sewing projects waiting for me. But in the meantime maybe I'd take up the nearby gym's membership offer and sign up. Maybe. It's still way too hot and I don't know about you but I cannot wait for the Winter season to arrive. 

reading snippets of Winterheart, just because. It will always be one of my favorites. I plan on moving onto Poetic Justice soon because it's one of those rare awesome pieces about a now-used-and-abused prompt. The chapter length is a little daunting but I think the slow build-up was absolutely necessary to establish their bond and the eventual relationship they waltzed into. 

listening to this mashup for the millionth time ever since I came across it on Youtube last week. It was initially a random click and I didn't really know what to expect but oh my god the one who made it knew exactly what he was doing. As one comment puts it: it's the acoustic version of Helena we all deserve.

watching Wade's Dead by Daylight playlist. I'm very fascinated by this game, mostly because of the mechanic and the lore behind it, and I've been following LPs of it ever since it was in Beta. I find Wade to be a very capable player, both as a Killer and as a Survivor. And also it's fun to hear them squeal in terror when they're being hunted, lol.

thinking about my family in the Ph. Things haven't been going so well and we're in quite the state. 

smelling this powdery air freshener someone from the office got to mask the smell of food being heated in the microwave. I don't like it.

wishing I can find myself a new project or activity to latch onto. This lull doesn't sit well with me.

hoping I still have time later to make a cheater's version of Hainanese Chicken using our rice cooker. I've got a really bad craving I need to sate, and fast.

wearing this new liquid eyeliner I got from Ilahui. I like how it's so easy to shape the wing with the way it's structured and while it's not waterproof it can certainly last 8+ hours without any retouches.

loving the above-mentioned eyeliner. Haha!

wanting  some ketchup chips. The dry season brought about some weird cravings for me and I've been looking for some ketchup-flavored chips recently. The local grocery hasn't restocked the brand I usually purchase yet, tho. Ugh.

needing to fix up my desk. The way my new computer tower is set up is a little inconvenient for me - I can't even reach the back where the ports are without squeezing myself into a tight crevice. A bit of readjustment should do the trick. 

feeling a bit restless. There's less hours spent in the office and I feel like I need to make use of the excess somehow. 

It was a particularly windy day and I had just arrived at my (still-closed) office building. I didn't think something was off until I realized I was the first one there, and the doors were still closed at 9:30AM. Usually someone would be setting up at the shop by that time, but there I was standing in the heat of the sun waiting for someone to open up the doors.

Then I realized Ramadan had begun the day before, and it all made sense.

But everything's still good. Aside from the shortened work hours and the fact that you can't eat in the office, we didn't have to adjust that much. A friend of ours actually commented on how fast we acquainted ourselves with the way of life in here, and we're more than flattered - after all, that was the plan, right? We weren't expecting a smooth transition but here we are.

The Sunday Currently was originally created by Sidda Thornton

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    1. What an honor! Thank you so much!