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by - Monday, June 19, 2017

Wait, what? A recognition award? Aww shucks! You shouldn't have~! I didn't even get to prepare an acceptance speech! 

Loljk - I was just having fun. But I'm seriously quite flattered I got nominated for this award! To me, this is just an incentive to push even harder and improve myself and this blog. ♥

If you're not already familiar with the concept, the Blogger Recognition award is just an "award" given to a blogger by another blogger to appreciate and recognize all the hard word that we all put into publishing new content and keeping our websites fresh and updated. Blogging takes quite a bit of work and this is just a small way of showing our fellow bloggers that we all see the effort they put into their little corners of the internet.

How did I get the award?

I was nominated by World of Nabeeda. I'd like to thank her for checking out my blog and seeing that it's worth nominating! Nabeeda's blog is filled with her life experiences and the lessons that come her way - it's definitely worth checking out! She also has a series called Ramadan Diaries, which details her musings during this holy month of prayer. Go ahead and click on her blog link to check out more of her posts!

How did my blog start?

I must admit the little morsel of detail I left in my About page leaves a lot to be desired, and I can't blame you. I started this blog years(ssss) ago primarily because I wanted to improve on my writing skills, and my Languages professor at the time suggested this as an alternative to writing by hand. Though I got the general gist, I still wasn't sure what to write about so back then my blog posts were about completely random and insignificant things. It wasn't until I was halfway through my college years when some people started contacting me about writing for them and using my blog to advertise, which I happily accepted. Since then I've been to a few events, traveled to a few places and met new people, wrote for a few products and ads, and even got a writing gig for two magazines for a time. Blogging took me places and, while it wasn't on a larger scale like some of our more well-known bloggers/influencers, I'm quite grateful I was able to experience these things and more.

Advice for new bloggers:

I'm not really sure I'm the right person to dish out advice, just because I think I'm not qualified for it. But since you asked me:

  • Always write about things that matter to you. Ever tried to write about something you're not interested in? Takes too much time and effort, yeah? When you finish your piece, do you feel accomplished, or do you feel relieved that you're finally done? When you write about things that you're actually interested in, not only do the words come naturally to you but you're also painting the tone of the entire article. You may not notice it but your readers will pick up on whether what you're writing about is something you believe in or care about. The way to a reader's heart is to show them what you're passionate about. Writing - and blogging - doesn't have to be a chore. 
  • There's nothing wrong about doing things for the followers but above all, do things for you. Never forget that you're the most important aspect of your blog! Travel if you need clarity, go out with your friends if you need a laugh, take breaks when you need to rest, and don't be afraid to write about what makes you happy.

Since this is all about passing the award on, here are my nominations:

  1. D'Bacon by Duane Bacon - Cosplayer-turned-lifestyle blogger. His posts are unique and refreshing! He's been in the scene longer than I have, and I'm pleased to see how far he's come.
  2. Hear the Magic by Rebecca Cahill - Rebecca is a special needs teacher who hosts an author site. She blogs about writing tips for aspiring authors, her experience on being published, and does book reviews on another blog, The Page Unbound. She's currently hosting a giveaway, so please check out her website if you're interested!
  3. A E S T H E T I C by Angge De Castro - This quirky 16 year-old blogs mostly about her life experiences, but she throws in some reviews here and there. I love her minimalistic theme!  
  4. Pau Pursues Passion by Pau Castillo - Exactly what is says on the tin, this blog is all about Pau's pursuit of passion and her adventures in the real world. She has also published her own novel called Between Two Worlds, and is currently up and about chasing one dream after another.
  5. The Nevermind Blog by Manahil and Laiba Shafiq - A beauty, make up, and fashion blog run by two sisters from Pakistan. I love how they incorporate their culture and heritage in their fashion posts and give it a modern and trendy flair, and their make up tips are simple and easy to follow.
  6. Pastel Scales by Patricia - This blog, much like its author, is dreamy and creative. It chronicles the author's life as she travels, takes on beauty reviews, and her journey to rediscovering herself. 
  7. Keunggulan Wanita by Halimah Muhiden - I'd consider this a life blog since her posts are a combination of health, lifestyle, beauty, make up, food, and recipes - and even tips on motherhood! Her posts are in Malaysian but trusty Google Translate can help you read her blog.
  8. Emm Travel Adventures by Mohit Anand - Your typical travel-adventure blog, but from the eyes of someone who really wants to immerse themselves with the culture. His photos and narratives of the places he's been to will make you feel like you've been there yourself.
  9. Rachell by Rachell Ho - A beauty and lifestyle blog run by Rachell, who also makes restaurant and product reviews from time to time. I also love how clean and responsive her blog layout is!
  10. Your Veg Recipe by Paritosh and Monica Mehta - The lovechild of a vegetarian foodie couple, Paritosh and Monica regularly post new tasty vegetarian recipes for everyone to enjoy. Their posts are organized by categories to make it easier for their readers to navigate, and they also have a segment called "What's in your fridge?" that helps you figure out what to cook by simply putting in the ingredients you have in your fridge. Isn't that nifty or what?? Definitely a blog I'll be checking back!
  11. - A beauty, lifestyle, and inspiration blog run by the website's namesake Kelsie. This blog was born out of Kelsie's desire to empower women, and contains honest and in-depth product reviews, as well as providing useful swatches for women of color, and easy-to-follow make up tips for beginners.
  12. Awaiting Disaster by Elle Evangelista - The personal blog of a published writer and event organizer. This blog offers a window into her mind as she records her musings and daily life. 
  13. Belong, Believe, and Become! by Val Papauran - It's notable that Val's motto is "Better late than never", and I think she's taken it to heart quite well! Her blog is mostly about her experiences from moving to another country to join her partner, to solely expressing her thoughts and ideals. She also made posts on her experience in getting a Netherlands Visa, getting TESDA accreditation, and her Civil Interrogation Exam ordeal, which I think is pretty commendable!
  14. Confessions of an Undertaker by Peter - Definitely not a blog you see every day! Peter works as a embalmer and hopes that his blog will shed some light into this dark and mysterious profession. His extensive experience in the funeral industry shows in the blog, from the technicalities of post-mortem photography to anecdotes of his life working with the dead. 
  15. - One more travel blogger who hopes to inspire his readers to pack up and see the world. Dan's goal is not just to help others to explore, experience and enjoy more of what life has to offer through long term travel, but to also help you save and make money for travel. 
All these lovely blogs have put so much effort into writing about what matters to them, and they deserve the recognition! Congratulations!

Here's what you need to do now:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated and provide the link to the post you created. 
Thanks again to Nabeeda for nominating me!

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