Foodstagram 101: How to Take Better Foodfies

by - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I must confess: As someone who has trouble remembering what she had for breakfast, immortalizing my happy moments is quite important to me. Taking pictures is one of the fastest and most convenient ways for me to tuck away that lasting memory into a digital copy I can look back on at any time, so I shamelessly whip out my phone whenever I can.

And out of all the things I take pictures of, food is my most favorite subject. Just take a peek at my Instagram for Exhibit A.

There's something so gratifying about taking really good foodfies (I can't believe you had to look that term up) and it makes the eating experience so much more enjoyable knowing you've preserved that work of art in an online gallery for everyone else to see.

The problem is, sometimes what we see with our eyes don't translate well through the camera lens so we end up with horrible and off-putting photos that look like they belong in a place where the sun doesn't shine - you can forget about your #foodgasm and say goodbye to your #feedgoals! 

So today I'm going to share some of the things I do to take foodfies worth sharing. I do hope you learn a thing or two from this post!

Use Natural Light

This is THE most important part of taking photos - without light, you have no image. You don't have to spend a single cent on good lighting; it's always best to use the light that's naturally available and accessible when taking your photos.

When you use natural light, your food won't be tinged in any weird hue and harsh shadows (unless that is your intention). Natural light will actually help make your food and setting more appetizing by enhancing its color.

Keep in mind the direction of the light and what it emphasizes in your shots, where the light hits and where it casts shadows. Considering all these elements will help put a story together in your photo and make your foodfie more interesting!

It's always best to use soft and diffused natural light when taking photos of food.

Choose Your Background Wisely

The background is just as important as the food itself, and I pay close attention to it as much as I can. A busy background could ruin the shot and take away the attention from the food.

The background should complement the subject and blend well with the overall theme.

You can play with contrasts and complementing colors, and even be a bit experimental with it! Just remember that there should be harmony between the background and the subject.

Color is Important

We eat with our eyes and if it's not obvious enough, color has such a huge impact on your overall composition, especially in food photography.

Color can greatly affect the feel of the image as a whole, and can be used to stir the viewer's emotions. Under-saturated photos will most likely make the food in your shot unappetizing and unappealing!

Similar with the background, you can also play with the color combinations that work best with the theme of your photo.

Get the Best Angle

Perspective is everything in photography no matter what the subject is, and food is no exception. Choosing the best angle will either make or break your shot!

I find that shooting from above is the best choice, simply because I think it simulates you looking at the food as if it were on a table in front of you. It also makes it easy for you to set up your composition, and is less likely to generate harsh shadows that will otherwise ruin the shot.

That being said I'm also fond of taking close-up pictures of food if there are tiny details I want to emphasize.

Bring the Right Tool for the Job

You're only as good as the gear you bring, but some cameras are no doubt better than others. You can't always bring a DSLR with you - it's wayyy too heavy and impractical! The best option by far is a camera phone - the Oppo #SelifieExpert series, to be exact!

And which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone is the best for foodies and is great for taking photos with their yummy meals? What better phone to take with you than the Oppo F3! Why?

Guys, IT HAS A 13MP REAR CAMERA. #shook

I've always, always found it difficult to shoot photos indoors because there's never enough light but with the Oppo F3 you won't ever have to worry about that! You can set the aperture to up to f/2.2 which means you can still take crisp, clear photos in low light. Amazing!

But what if it's that's not enough? Don't panic - the Oppo F3 has an Expert Mode.

That means you can use it like you would operate a DLSR, minus the extra weight! With these settings you can manually adjust and play around with the parameters to produce amazing shots that require little to no editing. For a lazy person like me, that counts as a plus!

Got unsteady hands? Feeling a little shaky because you're hungry but you haven't taken that perfect shot of your food yet? The Oppo F3's got your back with its Anti-shake 2.0 feature.

It's absolutely perfect because won't ever need a tripod to hold your phone steady as you take the perfect foodfie.

Worried about not getting all of the details in your shot? This wonder-phone even has an Ultra-HD feature, which lets you shoot in the highest definition possible.

Guaranteed to capture even the smallest salt granule on your fries, lol.

Combine all of these features together and you've got the most powerful weapon available to take the best foodfies and be the envy of all your Instagram followers! ;)

It even comes with an internal storage of 64GB with 4GB of RAM so you never have to run out of space when taking countless shots at every angle, and you don't have to sacrifice your phone performance either. If that's still not enough for you, the Oppo F3 also has a dedicated slot for your micro SD card, expandable up to 128GB. And if you're on a major food crawl, this phone WILL last you all day with its 3200mAh battery life. 

If you'd like to learn more about the wonder that is the Oppo F3, visit their official website here.

Or if you're feeling lazy, here's a quick look at its other specs:

IDK about you, but I'm sold, lol. All of these features, all wrapped up in a pretty package that comes in either champagne gold or rose gold. I think I know what I want for Christmas!

Got any more tips for taking the best foodfies? Tell me how you're rocking the foodstagram game! Leave a comment down below and I'll see you next time!

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! Very amazing photos and writeup. Keep it up!

    1. Hello Jocel, thank you for the kind words and for reading my blog! :>