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by - Sunday, June 04, 2017

Guess who didn't get enough sleep last night? Lol. Evidently I made a mistake on the header of this blog entry, I lost the .psd file so I couldn't edit the number anymore, and I didn't want to start over just because I messed up one character, so I improvised. 

How's your Sunday going so far?

Edit, 02/07/17: My obsessive compulsion got the better of me, so I replaced the blog title. Enjoy.

reading Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. One of my friends mentioned this book to me in passing about 2 years ago saying I should give it a try and I might like it. I put it in my backlogs and forgot about it until now. So far I'm still up to the first few chapters because YA isn't really a genre I pay attention to, and also I don't have the attention span for it to begin with. Especially now that I'm a little busy with work. Romance novels aren't really my style, but I gave this book a shot because I want to know exactly what was in it that made my friend think I might like it. (I like proving people wrong.) Based on my research, the author also collaborated with musician Griffin Peterson to create a soundtrack to accompany the novel, which I think is pretty cool because it gives your experience more dimension, and you don't see that everyday.

listening to Buzzfeed Unsolved's feature of The Dauphine Orleans Hotel while I'm rendering files. I find that listening to narratives while I'm on zombie mode makes me a lot more productive as opposed to when I'm listening to music, and I'm not really sure why. Also Ryan's shrieks of terror are funny.

watching Parks and Recreation with Jed. He loves this series and has been telling me about it since forever, and I've also seen countless GIFs of some of the show's funniest scenes all over Tumblr so I thought it's about time I binge watch the whole thing. We're at the 2nd season so far and it's hella hilarious! I don't know why I put off watching it for so long.

thinking of what to do when I get off work later. Jed mentioned wanting to watch Wonder Woman with me later, so we'll see.

smelling the powdery air freshener, still. Someone had this spray-doohickey installed that... sprays the room with the stuff every few minutes. I still don't like it.

wishing I had the motivation and discipline to go through with my weight loss plan. Lol. It's in the works and I'll definitely get to it, but when is the big question. I think I need a trainer to literally whip me into working out.

hoping I could find a new pair of boots in the mall for my everyday use. I hate wearing my flats because it's so hotttt; I could literally feel its underside melting against the concrete.

wearing err, clothes. Lol, I don't know what to tell you. I'm still in my jeans-boots-shirt combo, and I'm too lazy to coordinate a better outfit for the office. Haha. These jeans were sent to me by my mom, though, because she thought I'd run out of clothes to wear here and she knows I hate wearing skirts. My mom's so thoughtful. ♥

loving the fact that we get shortened hours of work for Ramadan. I'm pretty grateful I get to go home earlier so I can have more time to spend lying in bed while endlessly scrolling through my phone.

wanting some kimchi, actually! I don't think I'll ever get enough. And also more books to read, from genres I'm actually interested in.

needing a new bag. My handbag just burst a seam and I can't be bothered to sew the leather shut. I'll opt for a small backpack this time, actually.

feeling just a tad hungry, but I could also just be bored. Either way, some burgers would be good right now.

I'm pretty thrilled that Thought Catalog posted my submission. It's about my previous post, What I Learned From My Breakup, with a few edits here and there. It has honestly made me feel like my writing style is up to someone's standard enough to get it published on a website for other people to read, and it doubles as encouragement for me to write even more. So yeah, maybe I'll make another submission for them sometime soon and cross my fingers it'll get approved.

If you'd like to see my post on Thought Catalog's website, please follow this link so you can read it! I'd appreciate any feedback, just make sure it's constructive. :) See you next Sunday!

The Sunday Currently was originally created by Sidda Thornton

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  1. Nice post! I will copy this!

    1. Hi Mikki, thanks and good luck with the post!

  2. I'm glad I found another blog that features The Sunday Currently :) Nice post! You just reminded me that I need to work on my plan to lose weight (and visceral fats) more seriously, too.

    1. Hi Malot, thanks for reading my post! Good luck with the weight loss plans, and may we reach our fitness goals! :D