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by - Sunday, June 18, 2017

So here we are at the 3rd week of June - we're 3 months and a few weeks into our life in Dubai and I'm happy to report that we're slowly getting our rhythm down pat. There are minor lapses here and there (like forgetting to do the groceries), but overall I'm quite happy we've got a budding system in the works. For someone like me who thrives in having (some sort of semblance of) order and routine in their lives, this is somewhat a big deal.

At the moment I'm looking forward to the end of Ramadan, mostly because I think it's time I come back to my old schedule; I feel like that schedule has the most structure and that I get a lot more accomplished.

And also because of the Eid sales.

reading Maybe Someday, still. I dunno, guys. I've already lost interest halfway through the first page of the book, and I'm now procrastinating on reading it. I really want to finish it but I just find the writing style... awkward? And a little trying hard? I find myself involuntarily rolling my eyes at Sydney's internal monologue. But I'll power through and let you know. 

listening to some power ballads while I render the catalogues. It felt appropriate.

watching Gabriel Iglesias's bits on YouTube. This is something Jed and I do while winding down for the day; a few laughs gets you places, especially after a long (hot) day at work.

thinking of moving to Wordpress. Don't get me wrong - Blogger's wonderful with its easy-to-customize-and-personalize layout for one thing, and it's made everything so easy for me when I was starting out. I've stuck with it through my years of (sporadic) blogging, but I kind of feel like the community is dead. Back in the day everyone used to be so active, and you could really feel the presence of the other bloggers. Now there's a tangible dead silence up and about, and I'm not sure for how long it's been around, or if it's permanent. I hope not. What I'd really like is more engagement with other bloggers, and I feel like I won't find it here anytime soon.

smelling the Jasmine incense wafting into our room from downstairs. People here are big on that, and I'm not complaining. I rather like Jasmine.

wishing I'll finally find the time to head to that Japanese Iftar buffet in Burjuman Mall! Jed found this nifty conveyor belt sushi place by the mall and I've been raring to go ever since. (Because yes I'm still pissed that Sakae Sushi closed up their PH branches before I could go back for one last binge. Ugh!)

hoping I could find the time to go shop for new stuff this week. My mother's been pressing me to get an umbrella for myself for weeks now, and I honestly couldn't be bothered. I don't mind the heat, I'm relying on sunblock for now, and I hate going to the store because it's going to be packed for sure. Maaaaybe on Friday? *shrugs*

wearing my cable knit sweater. The A/C's thermostat is whacked, and the office is now uncharacteristically cold. Normally I don't get bothered by really low temperatures (I live for the cold weather) but I need to keep myself warm or I won't be able to even grip the mouse properly.

loving the new fabric conditioner that Emman got for us. You can actually hear me purr whenever I'm putting away our freshly-laundered clothes because I'm so in love with the scent.

wanting a new phone case. Something more heavy-duty, I think. And I'd rather get something that has a built-in stand for my phone so I won't have to get those ring holders. They're pretty bulky and I hate not being able to put my phone in my pocket because of it.

needing some sort of activity to get my heart rate up. Go figure.

feeling pretty chill at the moment. I just finished my tasks for the week and I'm now actively looking for something to keep me busy in the office.

So I'm just about to get my card, which is such a Bad Idea because I'll now be equipped to make online purchases. Giving me a card is like handing me a dangerous weapon and I know how to use it lol.

Lucky I've got Jed to keep me in check - but not before I can do a major haul from one of my favorite online make up stores! Once I receive my items I'll do a make up and skin care loot/haul post. See you then!

• The Sunday Currently was originally created by Sidda Thornton

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