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by - Sunday, June 25, 2017

For the first time since I started working, I'm home on a Sunday. We're officially at the end of Ramadan for the year and everyone is celebrating Eid al-Fitr, and that means no offices for the First and Second day of Eid for most employees from private and government sectors. So far, so good, I'd say. 

Since it's quite rare for all three of us to be home at the same time, we've all decided to head out later in the afternoon to get some sushi (finally!!). I may or may not post some pictures in my Instagram, but I'll definitely be posting Stories, at least.

reading random Wikipedia articles. I've put Maybe Someday aside in favor of more interesting reads, like the average color of the Universe, the Loneliest Whale (which, compared to Maybe Someday, is ACTUALLY sad), and the Stendhal Syndrome. YA and romance novels rarely ever manage to hold my attention so bear with me as I struggle to finish what I've started and probably post my thoughts on Twitter (if and) when I finally finish it.

listening to Top5s videos while I write this post, and also Emman's groans of frustration as he tries to finish Kingdom Hearts 2.8 on his PS4. I think he's on the last boss but I'm not really sure. I gave Kingdom Hearts 1 a shot back when I was in high school but I never got to finish it because school work, lol.

watching some old episodes of Archer with Jed. I really love this series and its humor - one of the many things my boyfriend and I bonded through. Going back to older episodes is never boring with this series. We actually didn't realize that we've already reached the end of Season 8 until we looked up the episode list online. So now we're back to the lull of waiting for the new season to come, with the earlier seasons to stave us off until it gets released.

thinking if I should get an even shorter haircut. I finally had my hair chopped off two days ago after months of convincing myself that I could still rehabilitate my hair, but I eventually had to admit that there's no coming back from all the perming, bleaching, and coloring I've done with it. There's no glorious ressurection, no raising it back from the dead; I've throttled the life out of my hair and I have no regrets.

smelling the adobo that my flatmates are cooking in the kitchen. That's the thing about living in a small space, everything travels fast - especially the whiffs of whatever people are cooking, whether we liked it or not. 

wishing perpetually for cooler weather, lol. I'm so turnt for winter, I can't even.

hoping the malls aren't as cramped today. I actually would like to stretch my legs and walk around, for once. 

wearing an oversized shirt and some shorts. I'm as low-maintenance as it gets. I'll be switching to my usual pants-shirt-boots combo later when we head out for dinner, tho.

loving the Nivea Men Aftershave Balm in Sensitive, which I use as a primer. I've seen this all over the internet since last year and I'm sure you're aware of this product as well. I've been meaning to get it ever since I saw the reviews but since it wasn't available in the Philippines my only choice at the time was to purchase it online. I put it off until I got here in Dubai, where I saw that it's a common item on the personal care shelves so of course I had to get one for myself! I really like how it keeps my make up in place, it's not at all heavy on the skin, and it's dirt cheap!

wanting to finally satisfy my salmon sashimi craving, lol. I can't wait to pig out on plates and plates of sushi and sashimi later!

needing a new purse, probably. And also I think I need to revamp my blog theme again, but the daunting task of fiddling with the CSS is not at all appealing.

feeling pretty chipper and positive lately. I do miss traveling though, and I know it's going to be a while before Jed and I can get back on track with our travel list but I'm very optimistic that we'll get to that quite soon. 

Eid Mubarak, everyone! 

• The Sunday Currently was originally created by Sidda Thornton

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