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by - Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hidden  in  a  gallery  in  Loring  street,  Pasay  lies  the  unique  exhibit  by  none  other  than  Kidlat  de  Guia, whose exceptional art style has earned the attention of the growing local art crowd. 

As  a  filmmaker  and  video  editor,  Kidlat  applied  his  talents  into  creating  the  imagery  for  his  exhibit  to capture various themes that evoke similar, and thoughtful, emotions. Yet veering from the usual linear narrative,  he  chose  to  highlight  certain  important  features  of  his  subjects –  ones  that  still  stir  up powerful sentiments in the beholder.

His exhibit, Woven Into Being, is a collection of a series of photographs reaching back to 2009 when he first  wove  together  images  for  an  exhibition  at  Cafe  by  the  Ruins  in  Baguio  with  his  brothers  Kawayan and Kabunyan. Though the idea of weaving together different images would come later in 2013 after he put together photos of dogs and their owners for an Axis group show held in Baguio. 

hand woven photograph
16.00 x 21.50 cm / 6.30 x 8.47 in.
Through  his  distinctive  style, Woven  Into  Being  allows  us  to  view  two  different  yet  all-too-similar subjects as one new image, their features either brought to light through the creative pattern, or hidden away to give them new depth. 

Each photograph gives you a powerful sense of being trapped in the archaic beauty of everyday things, such as the shots of old abandoned buildings – ever-enduring the elements, standing tall in the midst of a constantly changing city yet unmoving and stuck in permanence, decaying and forgotten though still in plain view of the public, a grotesque display of wear and tear that stubbornly persists despite the odds.

hand woven photograph
28.00 x 28.00 cm / 11.03 x 11.03 in.
Another dominant feature are the ones of the old-fashioned trucks, melded together with photos of old men, which struck us as extremely insightful because of their match – outdated and beat-up as they are, both still continue to carry on through the times, either adjusting with the modern age or sticking up to traditional ways. The way these photos are presented spoke volumes about our current period with advances in technology coming to blows with our conventional means.

hand woven photograph 
30.48 x 45.72 cm. / 12 x 18 in.

Seemingly clashing ideas were perfectly combined through Kidlat’s skillful hands to craft a work of art that simultaneously needs no words, yet requires thousands to be described.

It was an enriching experience, to say the least, to have witnessed the proud gallery of an imaginative soul with so much to give to the world.  

Standing in the middle of the gallery, one only needs to take a moment to absorb the central feature of the exhibit – that the past and the present are not so different, that sometimes one needs to take apart and lace together another image entirely to gain a change in perspective, and that above all things, we endure.

*Article originally published in M Magazine's 2nd Issue, 2015
** The Woven Into Being exhibit ran from May 9 - 30, 2015

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