Friday's Hush

by - Friday, July 28, 2017

Fridays are usually my wind-down days. I prefer to dedicate my Fridays buried under a pile of thick blankets, watching the color of the sky change through the balcony's glass door. There were plenty of moments in my life where I had to choose between staying underneath the comfort of my blankets and heading outside to participate in life. Today, Life figured, was time I got moving.

There was an audible crunch and a slight moan of panic at the table last night: Jed's tooth filling had come out. He insists that it's not painful, but it's always a terrible idea to wait for things to hurt before you did something about it.

I guess the thing about wind-down days is, some people liked that idea too. Even dentists. I watched the receptionist schedule Jed for an appointment on Saturday while the lobby's TV blared in the background. All I could think of was my bed, and Jed's filling-less tooth.

On our way out we saw that Caribou Cafe was open. We had meant to hang out there during Ramadan but somehow it got put off, but here we are. Their menu seemed interesting and, feeling off from missing the dentist, we decided to get some sweets before heading home. 

(T) Full disclosure.
(M) The (not-so) little ones and their mobile games.
(B) My quencher, and Red Velvet cake. It's interesting how the cafe used marshmallow syrup on my mocha, hence the name of the beverage - Campfire Mocha.

I wouldn't say I have a strong fondness for cheesecake, but it's something I would always order off a cafe menu. Cheesecakes are easy; the flavors are never complicated and rarely disappointing. It's difficult to mess up a cheesecake, difficult not to enjoy it with coffee in a hot afternoon. As opposed to red velvets, which can be tricky if you're not used to such recipes. It's not a complicated cake but you could still end up with one that's too dry or too overwhelming and the cream cheese, too sweet or too runny.

Much like staying in, I preferred choosing cheesecakes. It's safe.

Which is why I'm really sure why I went for Red Velvet today.

I quietly sipped my drink as they had their usual discussion over the game they're playing, Owl City's If My Heart Was A House ringing in my ears.

Jed grabbed the paper from the magazine bin a few moments later and began to scan for any interesting news. Most of the time there would be PSAs and whatnot, usually regarding new regulations and such, and we also kept an eye out for new apartment listings.

Twice, maybe thrice, he snuck a few bites of my dessert, thinking I wasn't looking. Or maybe he didn't care whether I was. I didn't mind one bit.

Much to my surprise the red velvet cake ended up with the right amount of moist-ness. I appreciated the crushed shortbread they added to the cream cheese for the variance in texture, and their cream cheese itself isn't as overwhelming as I pictured in my head.

(If I absently hummed to Adam Young's lyrics, you couldn't have blamed me.)

(T) Salted Caramel Frappe.
(M) A bite of that moist Red Velvet. I like that their cream cheese filling isn't too sweet.
(B) Decor. I love the deep red-brown stain on the wood; it gives the table a rich and homey tone.

Somehow our conversation shifted to the home-cooked meals our mothers make that we miss the most. Given the chance, I would always rave about my mother's pork and chicken adobo.

(She'd boil the meat with garlic until the water's gone before pouring soy sauce and vinegar in the pot. She'd then deep-dry the meat after it's imbued with the flavors, then put them back in the sauce. The meat comes out crispy and flavorful. Sinful, even. You should try it.)

Her sinigang and creamy Tuna Spaghetti are also top contenders.

We talked about our own adventures in the kitchen - how Jed and I bonded over executing recipes we found in the internet, how Emman found the best way to make hot pots, where I got the various scars and burn marks on my arms and face, and the many, many versions of sisig Jed has come up with during their drunken nights with the boys.

And somehow the conversation shifted again. And again. And we talked, and talked. Well until it was time for us to head home. Jed held my hand and was swinging our arms rather enthusiastically as we made our way home.

There were plenty of moments in my life where I had to choose between staying underneath the comfort of my blankets and heading outside to participate in life - and much like the choice between cheesecakes and red velvet, I would pick the former most times.

I'm happy I went for red velvet cake today.

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