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by - Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jed and I went to the beach the other day with Emman, on account of the latter's request to feel the cool evening breeze and have a quiet dinner by the shore. It has been nearly 3 months since we visited Jumeirah Beach so we figured it would be great to spend our day off wandering barefoot in the sand until it's too dark to see anything.

The evening took a slightly different turn - we decided to get lost while getting there instead, lol. We eventually arrived at Jumeirah at around 7PM but we were too tired to wade in the water, though that's perfectly fine - we got to enjoy the sound of the waves as it tirelessly pursues the shore. The wind wasn't as cool as we had hoped but it was appreciated just the same. 

reading shorts from Pottermore. My heart will always be at home in Hogwarts (Slytherin represent!) and reading snippets of stories from Pottermore reminds me there's still so much to learn about the wizarding world. 

listening to Noisli. GUYS. I finally found something I can listen to while I work! This is A Big Deal for me, because I couldn't stand listening to music while making graphics but still need something to fill my ears. It's not distracting, calms me down, and I can personalize it to whatever ambience I like to fit my mood. If anything I think it has helped me focus more on my artworks. It's godsend, I tell you. Download it for Android, or iOS.*

watching Family Guy bits on Youtube. This is normally what I do now during my downtime - some mind-numbing cartoons and lukewarm coffee to keep me company while I wait for the bell to ring. 

thinking if I should get a massage. It's been a while since I treated myself to something relaxing, and this crick in my neck isn't getting any better.

smelling the aerosol room fresher. I also got this new scent from Miniso:

They have this limited edition Zodiac-themed scent line and it's unbearably adorable. This little gem I picked up smells dainty and floral but not heady or overpowering. I'm planning to get more because it's dirt cheap and comes in teeny bottles so I can bring them with me anywhere.

(I'm actually kind of disappointed that their Libra - my star sign - didn't appeal to me, but eh.)

wishing I could come back to the beach. The way my schedule is right now, I can only afford to come back next month - that's not bad at all. I just couldn't wait until I get to finally swim again.

hoping this week would be just as quick as the last. 

wearing a maxi dress, would you believe it. Thought I'd stray from my usual formula and go for something easy to wear; I've gotten some nice compliments out of it as a result, lol.

loving Noisli, really.

wanting more sleep. Haha. The warmth of the bed in contrast to the cold, air-conditioned room makes sleeping-in a lot more inviting. I love bundling up under the covers!

needing more activities. I sit in the office for 8 hours, and then go directly to bed when I get home. Sure there's a lot of walking in between but I feel that this is the most sedentary I've been. It's come as a surprise when I found out I actually lost a few pounds, but I'd rather put my muscles to good use while that happens.

feeling kind of tired but not really. I think I just need more sleep, lol.

The clock had just struck 9PM when we finally got home. Our legs felt like lead from all the walking, tummies heavy with all the food we had for dinner (squid biryani, seafood and mushroom soup, a large platter of shawarma and hummus, and some rather addicting luqaimat).

It was the best sleep we had this week.

• The Sunday Currently was originally created by Sidda Thornton •

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