Life, Lately: Snaps from August

by - Saturday, October 28, 2017

So - this is awkward. 

I didn't expect that my later part of 2017 would be filled to the brim with work obligations. For one thing, with the temperature slowly lowering in Dubai the race season once again rears its sleepy head from the covers, ready to take advantage of the cooler weather and bring running enthusiasts together again - if only for a limited time. 

As such we had to organize and put all our efforts into exploiting this rare opportunity, so that meant more work for me. I didn't mind the least, but that meant a lot of things had to take the back seat.

Bear with me as I try to post my backlogs and get this blog up-to-date again! For now, here's what happened in August:

Dampa Seafood Grill - For the first day of August we woke up feeling like having some seafood so off to Dampa we went! We've been here once before some months back with Jed and Emman's friend, Darren. We enjoyed the food so much we just had to go in for another try! The place gets cramped pretty quickly so we decided to come by early but we still had to wait to be seated - shows you just how popular the place is in the area. A lot of kabayans frequent this place but we saw a lot of locals and tourists dining here, too.

Ilahui haul - I decided to stop by Ilahui en route from my office to my flat one day and bought a few necessities and then some. The pineapple coin purse now belongs to Jed, while I decided to try out their face mist and pimple-clearing gel, which I may or may not do a review of soon. The ankle socks are actually from the men's section because I didn't fancy their ladies's socks designs much - way too frilly and girly! The undies were purchased on a whim because of the cat print, of course.

Din Tai Fung - For our 2nd year anniversary, Jed and I decided to celebrate in Din Tai Fung for that much-needed xiao long bao fix. We both had to work that day and met up at the Al Ghurair Mall after our shifts before we proceed to have our dinner in Din Tai Fung. We had always meant to eat here back when we were still in the Philippines but we never found the time for it, oddly enough. We're quite pleased with their service! Since they don't serve pork here, their flavors are slightly different yet still quite delectable. Jed later mused that if I didn't point out that the xiao long baos had chicken instead of pork he wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

Random snaps from everywhere. I now can't remember where or when we took these, except that these were all from August. I guess I was more preoccupied than I thought!

Coming up: Snaps from September, and probably a little more coherence from me. Probably.

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