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by - Sunday, October 29, 2017

How's your week so far? Mine's been pretty quiet, except for that one time I had to wake up at the crack of dawn for a race with barely enough sleep the night before, but everything went better than I expected so there's that. Also I had some really good turkey cheese rolls and lemon mint juice.

I've been trying to get back into the swing of things - AGAIN. There's so much that happened in my absence but I'm roped into that cliche again about not knowing where to begin. But I guess Life really is like that - vague and hazy, with the overall heavy sense of so many things happening and not happening all at once.

(Warning: This post contains spoilers to the game Final Fantasy XV. Please skip the 'watching' part if you haven't finished the game yet!)

reading lithos_saeculum's Poor Wayfaring Stranger. This is wonderfully written in dear, dear Prompto's perspective and I absolutely cannot get enough of it. Above and beyond the genre of emotional hurt and abuse with flashes of torture and horribly-suppressed trauma, I loved the writing style the most; the disjointed feel and simplistic transition of every line perfectly mirrors the main character's mental disposition and how terribly anxious he is because hedoesn'tknowhedoesn'tknowhedoesn'tknowI'msorrypleasedon'thurtmeI'msorry. Due to its nature it is imperative that it should be a slow burn fic, which doesn't bother me the slightest. But what I really loved about this is how I somehow saw myself in Prompto in this one - so used to being told what to do, holding onto orders and instructions almost obsessively so, being so afraid of not knowing what to do, and feeling the ground caving in when things get overwhelming. It made me relate so much to Prompto and made me love the character even more than I already do, which is weird because this isn't even canon, lol. Still, it makes for a beautiful alternate origin story. At the moment the fic is unfinished with the author taking a break for an overseas trip but regular updates should come soon with their return. I'm waiting at the edge of my seat.

listening to random videos from Top 5s in the background while I edit some photos. It's their Halloween special and they've got a bunch of new uploads for almost every day of October until the 31st. It's soothing to listen to, honestly! I've also picked up a few history lessons from this channel. 

watching, or rather, also listening to Cryaotic's Final Fantasy XV stream, which is undoubtedly what got me into playing the game in the first place. I'm at session 16 at the moment with no plans of hurrying to finish the stream series because, 
1.) I'm at Chapter 14 of the game myself;
2.) I've watched both Emman and Jed finish this game;
3.) I'm very bummed I have to relive the ending all over again, and;
4.) I'm getting envious of Cry's winning streak in Totomostro.
I mean, I've heard screams of dissatisfaction at the ending and I'm with the other fans on this one. Apart from the clamors of an Episode Ardyn, there should be a Final Fantasy XV-2 where the boys find a way to pull both Noctis and Luna from the veil or something! Or at least a tie-in where we get to explore the World of Ruin during Noct's 10-year absence. The game feels too short, too rushed, too unsatisfying. And now I'm sad again.

BTW, I have a feeling Episode Ignis will make me angry and then make me cry. Damnit.

thinking of what other titles I should pick up after I inevitably finish FFXV. I'm looking at wide-open sandboxes and other RPGs but a step in a different direction wouldn't hurt too. HMU if you have any game recommendations!

smelling uh, nothing. 

wishing the temperature would drop further as we reach November and December. I've been told that the coming months will be significantly colder, with my landlord warning that I should get some winter coats while it's still early. Being someone who thrives in cold weather I choose to see for myself just how cold it can get before I bundle up. 

hoping all the emails I sent come back with the responses I want. Lol.

wearing a shirt, thick leggings, and walking shoes. I've decided to veer from my usual jeans-and-boots get-up and go for something more comfortable. 

loving the fact that I don't feel compelled to wear make-up to work, lol. 

wanting to get a positive response on all those emails I sent!!

needing to do the laundry again. It can't be helped that my posts would eventually devolve into mundane retellings of day-to-day events. Anyway. 

feeling like I need another adventure. My not-so-recent trip to Abu Dhabi (which I'll blog about soon) was too short, and I feel like Jed and I could have done more in the city! I'll be back in Abu Dhabi in November, so hopefully we'll be able to enjoy more of the sights and sounds. Fingers crossed!

With my next trip in November lined up, I should really get our accommodations in order. We're going to Yas Island this time to check out the water park and Ferrari World, so hopefully I'll be able to take decent shots and make a post about that, too. I'm quite excited!

Do you also have an upcoming trip lined up? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

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