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by - Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hey, how are ya? Decided to pop in while I'm waiting for my downloads to finish (it's a 1.1GB file, go figure). I'll be making a November update post soon after this, but for now I just want to keep my mind off the file downloads happening in the background and the fact that Adobe CC is making things extra challenging for me. 

I've gone and changed the format a bit for my Sunday Currently series, as you can see below. I may or may not revert to the old style, though. Who knows.

📖 r e a d i n g 
Some tutorials and troubleshooting guides on how to fix my Creative Cloud app. Honestly I think this program is more trouble than it's worth. I don't want to put up with the issues that always crop up whenever there's a new update. I just want to revise our catalogues. :(

Other than that, I'm also reading some random one-shots on AO3 while waiting for Poor Wayfaring Stranger to update. Fandom has consumed me and I'm okay with that.

🎧 l i s t e n i n g   t o
90's boyband playlists in Youtube, lol. 

I'm also (finally) about to get started on a Welcome to Night Vale binge! A couple of friends have recommended this to me over the years but I didn't have the attention span to get through with it until now. I'm set on running the playlist later when I get home since I've got a few hours to spare, and with National Day weekend coming up I think I can catch up on the latest podcast in no time.

📺 w a t c h i n g
A couple of uploads from the AntsCanada Ant Channel. 😂 Jed can attest to my fascination with ants, so you can bet I watched as many videos from this channel as I could. I found this channel a year and a half ago during my YouTube random clicks and it took me a couple of videos before I realized that Mikey Bustos runs this channel. It's pretty relaxing to watch.

🎮 p l a y i n g
Nothing at the moment; I've put down the controller so I can focus my attention on work for now. 😔 I still haven't finished Final Fantasy XV because of this, and also because I already know what the ending is - it's just a matter of me going through it. I may have made a mistake when I leveled the Chocobros to lv90 by simply fucking around in Eos, though.

💭 t h i n k i n g   o f 
New places to go, or old places to revisit. Jed and I had planned on going to Al Bastakiya and Old Souq two weeks ago but after feeling the fatigue from our Abu Dhabi trip we decided to lounge in bed the day after we got back instead. Running amok in a waterpark can really take it out on you! We immensely enjoyed the trip though, and will definitely be returning to try out more of their attractions.

🌠 w i s h i n g / w a n t i n g / n e e d i n g
So many unreasonable things, like more time to sleep. Also perhaps a new role where I wouldn't need to touch InDesign with a 10-foot pole - one that also pays 5 figures, lol. I know it's out there somewhere for me to stumble upon, but I just wish would find me faster. 😆

🌙 h o p i n g
The nice winter breeze persists until late May next year, because it is seriously making it so much more appealing to wake up early and take a long walk.

I'm also hoping I get to finally move on to a different role in the near future, actually. I've found ones that are better-suited for me and it's now all a matter of waiting for them to answer me, but I've never been known for my patience. Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

💸 r e c e n t   p u r c h a s e s
Err, fast food meals and some metro cards. 😅 I've imposed a strict budget on myself recently, but I cannot resist Jollibee's spaghetti.

📍 r e c e n t l y   v i s i t e d

Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, and Yas Waterworld! One of my bosses said Yas Island is more of a-country-in-a-city than anything, and that a weekend would be perfect to explore the whole place. The island also houses a couple of 4 and 5 star hotels, Yas Mall, and Ferrari World.

I wasn't able to get tickets for Ferrari World but Jed and I were able to enjoy the attractions in Yas Waterworld before we roamed around in Yas Mall, caught a bus to Abu Dhabi, and then Dubai. It was such a fun weekend! We're thinking of going back early next year, likely before summer starts. 

📌 r e c e n t l y   b o o k m a r k e d
The Minimalist Podcast and Lore. It sucks that we don't have Spotify here, but I'll try and find a way to listen to these podcasts.

💕 l o v i n g
W I N T E R !

♎ f e e l i n g
Somewhat optimistic for December and 2018 in general. Come on, bring me great stuff! 😝

📅 l o o k i n g   f o r w a r d   t o
Exploring the city more often now that the weather is more bearable. And also the holiday deals, lol. I'm also counting on some good news as far as me moving to a new role is concerned. Like I said, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I really should come up with some new content now. Got any ideas? Also let me know if you like this new style more than the previous Sunday Currentlys that I've done! Thanks for sticking around. ♥

• The Sunday Currently was originally created by Sidda Thornton

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