Hey, you found me!

You can call me Ashe. Born and raised in the Philippines. I moved to the UAE the first chance I got in my mid-20s because I believed that if I had a shot at a better life I should take it, so I did. I can't say much about my quality of life here YET, but things are looking way up at the moment and I'm happy with that.

I'm quite the night owl but I currently work while the sun is up, making pretty pictures so people will buy our stuff. (Yay, consumerism!)

This is my face: 

I like drinking chai at 2am, cats, walking around the city at night, traveling, and going to places where I can stuff my face full of food. Preferably Japanese food, and preferably with my boyfriend, Jed. I also like cooking and looking up new recipes online. And also make up and beauty care, though I feel I still have a lot to learn in that regard. Every once in a while I play the occasional video game or two, but I'm quite the casual gamer so you won't find any hardcore content here. I'd appreciate a game recommendation if you have any though!

This blog started out way back in 2010 as an outlet for me to dump my thoughts, mostly because I thought diaries are overrated and I was too lazy to write by hand. And I hated my handwriting. And also I've always thought I have a terrible memory, so I figured blogging would help me keep track. 

To be honest, this blog isn't really about anything other than me and my extra ordinary life. I blog whenever I want whenever I can about whatever I want things that catch my fancy, but mostly about things I'm already interested in because this blog is, first and foremost, my personal blog. Occasionally you will see a sponsored post or two, brought about by my (very) short stint as a blogger/writer back in the PH. A bunch of people liked what I write (hey - look at that) so they asked me to write for them, and I did. Sometimes I get paid, most times I don't. I didn't really mind.

I appreciate you giving my little corner of the internet the time of the day, and I hope you find something you like. ♥

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"adventure finds me。"

PS: I manage and edit everything in this blog myself - words, pictures, and all, including the web layout, links, and codes (at least some of it). If you find any missing links, or if there's generally something wrong with the blog appearance, feel free to drop me a line!